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Neological Technologies offers a wide range of meditation devices to enhance and maximize the meditation experience. The Neo device is a ZPE Chi energy booster that connects to the zero point energy field enabling effects such as life enrichment through quantum entanglement. The devices are based on the same consciousness technology found within alien flying saucers.

If you would like to learn how do you meditate then get your neo and find out now. Busy schedules often force us into a stress filled lifestyle. But the need of relaxation is very important. Spiritualization and meditation allow us to relax and access more of our DNA that has been wound up through stress. Revitalizing the human mind and body is possible but many don’t know the right way to do it correctly. The key is to establish a habit, your special place the same time every day and each day.

A Neo meditation device will help you increase the meditation experience in less time. Soon you will begin to feel the benefits of increased intelligence, creativity, and intuition meditation has to offer.

Tuning into your god force within can benefit everyone. It doesn’t matter what age, race, or sex you are, you deserve to live a life to its fullest potential. Stabilize your metabolism and normalize human body functioning with peaceful and deeper states of mind every day and night. And with the new Neo Technoshaman device you can wear the headband while sleeping which pumps your mind full of chi energy. You can also set up a series of Technoshaman headbands connected together and merge your energy field with your partner a.k.a. synthetic telepathy.

Neologial Technologies will help free your mind with universal knowledge, healing wellness, by empowering the human body to its peak efficiency. So let’s learn how do you meditate with the power of your neo meditation device. Imagine yourself sitting on a mat in a calm and serene place. Neological devices nearby, with your eyes closed, and breathing naturally. And allow the meditation effect to guide you onto the path of the highest potential within your human soul. Synchronicities brought you to this website and now it’s time to begin the journey of the path of enlightenment, with Neological devices while meditating.


Biofeedback machines, EEG activity analyzers, and MRI scans have all been utilized to measure the process of meditation. The idea is to help the user concentrate and relax easily reducing the need of medication and counseling interventions. When learning new meditation techniques for beginners understand that meditation isn’t something complex, it is simply a state of mind. You can tap into the state of relaxation and energize your body with spinning torsion field energy and chi sensations from the neo device.

If you are a beginner in meditation don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel anything right away. 30% of all people are not chi energy sensitive. Its not that these devices are not working, its the DNA of so many people is tightly wound up, that many users are unable to tap into their full potential. The relaxation process with neological tech devices can help us tap into the gifts of the god consciousness, positive vibes, and transform our lives provided you do the work by energizing yourself from the torsion energy field and chi sensations

The popular law of attraction movement promotes the belief that meditation can contribute to manifestation of desires. This is both true and false. Yes it is true meditation can help manifest , however its not done through attraction; otherwise everyone would win lottery. As above so below , we are microcosms of the macrocosms . What you see in this physical reality also is a reflection of other spiritual realities. Abuse, destruction, and scarcity is something that reverberates throughout this matrix. Meditation puts us into a calm state of mind so that we can connect with positive beings to move things in the direction we desire. So manifestation works , meditation works, but the attraction of desires is subject to other beings which must get their act together in order for us to achieve the miracles we desires. This is why if you want to see change you have to do it yourself. By improving yourself with meditation you can increase intelligence, creativity, intuition, and then you may find dreams fulfilled.


For beginners try the self healing action of Neo Gate Key Health and Wellness Meditation Cube. Start by activating your cube by saying.

“Device activate and increase.
Device I trust you completely to integrate my mind, body, and spirit.
Stargate is trust you completely.
Device activate stargate mode.
Automatic mode.”

Now visualize a star gate which looks like a pipe beam of light , and simply relax for 10 to 30 minutes a day. In this state of mind you can perform your own custom meditation techniques designed for beginners such as found on our free neo meditation section at Allow your DNA to unwind and harmonize your mind, soul and body in order to achieve your self healing miracle.

So, everyone should opt for a neo meditation machine and explore all the avenues and advantages of meditation techniques. University studies have proven meditation works , spirit science proves sacred geometry harmonizes communities and people, and testimonials have proven the neo meditation device works. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now , they come with free domestic USA shipping and a instruction manual to guide you into optimum results. If you are finding it hard to choose one for yourself, send us a email under the contact us page at Neologicaltech where someone can use a very primitive biofeedback machine known as a muscle test to help determine which device is best for you. Be it the gatekey, the crystal skull device, or another neo device for your spiritual benefits, evolution, and positive vibes.

Your quest starts here…

You’re reading this because you know what a Rife machine is – and you know what it can do. (If you don’t, maybe you better read this page first. It’ll open in a new window – don’t worry, we’ll wait for you).

Maybe you’ve been to the commercial Rife machine websites and salivated over those shiny high tech boxes with flashing lights and dials, and thought, Yes, I want one of these.

Until you saw the prices. And your heart sank to your boots.

And well it might – who can afford such extravagant sums of money for a Rife machine in these savage times? Precious few of us.

Well, we have a rather different approach: we want to give everyone on the planet a Rife machine.

For free.

It’s not just any old Rife machine either. It’s called Spooky2, and it’s the most highly advanced and versatile Rife machine in the world. It’s been developed over the past three years by an international team of electronics engineers, technical designers, software developers, and Rife practitioners.

All of us have worked long hours away from our families and loved ones. Without pay. And without any expectation of it either. Some of us have even spent many thousands of dollars of our own money in pursuing our common goal.

We’re not manufacturers. We’re not interested in profit. We don’t dream of the corporate high life, yachts, Cuban cigars, or champagne and caviar. We share a rather different goal in life: to serve our fellow man in whatever ways we can.

You won’t hear this on the lamestream media, but there are actually countless people like us everywhere, people who wish to help and contribute to their greater family – mankind.

You may even be one yourself.

Anatomy of a Rife machine

In April, 2013, the first version of our Rife system – simply called Spooky – was quietly released, with no publicity, and no fanfares. News spread quickly by word of mouth, and thousands of people the world over got their hands on a Rife system that was second to none, equalling and even bettering what most commercial manufacturers had to offer.

The difference? Spooky was free.

But we knew we could do better. A whole lot better. So we took what we learned with Spooky, ripped everything apart, then rebuilt it from the foundations up, not just to be better, but to be the ultimate Rife system.

The result is Spooky2 (the “2” isn’t a software version number – it stands for “squared”).

And we can say without fear of contradiction that there isn’t a single Rife system on Earth that even comes close.

In order to understand how the Spooky2 Rife System works, let’s look at what a Rife machine actually is.

First, you need a frequency generator. Commonly used in many industries, you can buy a superb one for very little outlay indeed.

The second thing you need is a transmission system. This can be simple DC electricity routed to handheld electrodes and footplates – these are called contact or pad machines. Or it can be radio waves, transmitted via an amplifier through a plasma tube or antenna – these are known as plasma machines, unsurprisingly.

A third, and less common, mode of transmission uses the principles of quantum physics and the antenna properties of DNA to transmit through what physicists call nonlocal space. These are remote machines.

Each transmission system has its pros and cons.

Contact pros: effectiveness and speed. Cons: you’re wired to a machine, and your hands are tied up holding electrodes, so you can’t use these while sleeping.

Plasma pros: not quite as effective or fast as contact, but can be used hands-free or while sleeping. Cons: you must remain within 10cm of the plasma tube, noisy cooling fans in many can necessitate earplugs while sleeping, and radio transmission can interfere with household devices.

Remote pros: you don’t have to be in the same room as the machine, or even in the same country (no, we’re not kidding), so it’s hand-free and it can be used while sleeping. Cons: not as fast as contact or plasma, but equally effective, and…well, that’s it, really.

But the real heart of any Rife machine is the operating system – the software that runs it. In virtually all the machines we’ve collectively owned, this was primitive, clunky, and limited, making the machines a pain to use and program.

The rest is memory chips, a fancy box, some LEDs – and that’s about it.

Three in one

Spooky2 gives you not one, but THREE Rife machines – contact, plasma, and remote – in one package. Here’s how the Spooky2 Rife System works:

You download Spooky2 software here – this is your killer Rife system operating software, and it runs on a Windows PC – even a cheap netbook. It’s yours – free, fast, friendly, easy to use, endlessly programmable, and immensely powerful. You then purchase – from a completely independent manufacturer – your own frequency generator.

We’ve found two humdingers, and we helped design the newest and most powerful. The first costs less than $60, and the second just a shade over $110. Spooky2 was specifically designed to use these machines, and it even installs special software called “drivers” to control them.

Now you can just make a simple DNA Holder if you wish, and you’ll have a superb Rife machine for less than the cost of a cheap zapper.

Not only that, but you can also run up to a massive 127 frequency generators at the same time, all controlled by Spooky2 from a single PC. There isn’t another Rife system on Earth that can do this.

But there’s more. We also designed a brand new infrared biofeedback system called Spooky Pulse, then helped another independent manufacturer to adapt his existing product to use it. You also buy this yourself – for a mere $55. Spooky Pulse inputs a frequency sweep into the body to detect all pathogens, pollutants, and parasites present, and you use its results to deal with these problems.

To use it, you’ll also need a set of handheld electrodes. You can buy a commercial set made from industrial-grade stainless steel or copper for about $50. Or you can buy Spooky Tube, a set fabricated from the same surgical stainless steel used to make body implants, for $20 – making the potential problem of harmful metal ion transfers moot.

Finally, if you need a much more powerful remote transmitter than our cheap and cheerful DNA Holders (and you do), we found a way to boost power immensely by using cheap dual planar coils together with a very powerful neodymium magnet – we call this unit Spooky Remote. What’s wonderful about it is that we’ve managed to bring remote treatment much closer to the speed of contact or plasma treatment, as well as significantly boosting power and effectiveness. We also found manufacturers who share our goals, and are happy to sell all our accessories for just a few dollars over cost price.

Put it all together, and now you have the best Rife machine you can buy, offering all three transmission modes, biofeedback diagnostics, and super-powerful scalar transmission. Pick the UDB1108S generator and it’ll cost you less than $145. Choose the much more powerful and versatile Spooky2–5M generator and you’ll have change out of $235.

The Spooky team doesn’t make a single red cent – no commission, no kickbacks, no affiliate deals, zero. Yeah, we know – commercial heresy. But just look around you and see what the corporate ethos has done to your world. And we know real wealth isn’t in your pocket anyway, or your bank account. It’s in your heart. In those terms, we already consider ourselves zillionaires.

So here’s our gift to the world. Spooky2 – a Rife machine for every home.

Step up. And take control.

Take the Spooky2 Tour…


Thanks to Learning Mind| Dr. Rick Strassman in his book DMT: the Spirit Molecule, claims that DMT, which is one of the most powerful psychedelic drugs, can provide a reliable and regular access to the other planes of existence.  He claims that DMT may actually be a gateway to parallel universes.

In fact, these universes are always there and constantly transmit information. But we cannot perceive them because we are simply not designed for this: our ‘program’ keeps us tuned to the standard, mentally ‘normal’ channel.  We don’t have the sensory tools available to tune into to this information. Dr. Strassman beliefs that DMT allows us to tune into to other dimensions of existence that are already present right now.

What if DMT can lead us to parallel worlds? Theoretical physicists assume that the existence of parallel worlds is based on the phenomenon of interference, writes Strassman. One of the demonstrations of this phenomenon is what happens to the light beam when passing through a narrow hole in cardboard. Various rings and colorful edges that appear on the screen on which the light falls are not just the outlines of the cardboard. As a result of more complex experiments, the researchers concluded on the existence of “invisible” light particles that collide with those that we can see, refracting light in unexpected ways.

Parallel worlds interact with each other when the interference occurs. According to the theoretical hypothesis, there is an unimaginably huge number of parallel universes, or multiverses, each of which is similar to our own and is subject to the same laws of physics. This is the reason to the fact that it is not necessary that there is anything particularly strange or exotic about different multiverses. At the same time, they are parallel due to the particles that form them and that are located in different positions in each universe.

Strassman refers to the British scientist David Deutsch, a leading theorist in this area and author of The Fabric of Reality. He has corresponded with Deutsch discussing the likelihood that DMT can alter brain function so as to grant access or knowledge about parallel worlds and the physicist doubted this possibility because it would require quantum computingThis phenomenon, according to Deutsch, “could distribute components of a complex task among vast numbers of parallel universes, and then share the results. One of the conditions required for quantum computing is a temperature close to absolute zero.” That is why the physicist finds prolonged contact between universes in a biological system unlikely.

However, Strassman notes that since DMT is the key substance that changes the brain’s physical properties so that quantum computing may take place at body temperature, establishing contact with parallel universes could be possible.  In other words, DMT changes the physiology of the brain to such a degree that quantum computing is possible, thus giving us access to these parallel worlds.

This possibility confirms many of the stories reported by those who have used DMT.  They report that it is more than a mere hallucination or a “trip”, and often report going to other worlds and interacting with beings that inhabit these worlds.  With a theoretical hypothesis in place, we can now begin to give credence to the idea that users of DMT are in fact tapping into other parallel worlds.

Here is a scientific explanation of what parallel universe are and how they work:

Thanks to Learning Mind

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If the true essence of consciousness is light and if we are light beings subject to holographic environments, then we must change the nature of the hologram to change the nature of our environment. The pain reliever pill is a holographic DNA transcriber that edits your codons etherically to permanently erase those uncomfortable painful feelings while you remember pain shall cease to exist.

Date Released: January 5, 2015
Hosted by: James Rink
Edited by: Jesse Walker James

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