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Dear James,

I am writing to tell you about my wonderful and amazing experiences with my “IDL-13 Skullem”. I cannot believe that it has been such a positive and enlightening device in my life and just like many others who have brought your device. I am much calmer, I am intouch with my inner being, I don’t have to spend years and hours and wake up at a certain time to be peaceful and meditate with my Neo I am instantly brought to inner peace and nirvana with my headphones and a dark room no more wasting time at workshops and noisy people and not very good instructors to teach me to meditate.

I have also won small amounts of money in the lottery, by using your video/s “Win the Lottery”. And I write that I won small amounts of money with my Neo, and I have so many other tools that I brought and wasted money on shall I say to be nice other crystals, necklaces pendants pyramids, lotions, and sprays for money and abundance inner peace manifestation and none of them worked as quickly or satisfying. None of these method that I have used has brought me any luck until I started using my Neo I didn’t do it consistently and or won consistently but from this moment I will do it consistently. I have won some money from $2 to $10.00, to me that is so reassuring that I bought your product to help me with other issues of peace, love and financial abundance that I could manifest this easily.

My most wonderful experience I had with money I meditated one morning I used your video “Win the Lottery” and then I put on a tape of prosperity and abundance, and later that day I found forty dollars and a MetroCard worth 1 ride trip just what I needed. I blessed and thanked the universe and my Neo for this abundance that I needed to pay my credit card. That has never ever happened people always tell me that they’ve found money and I was never that lucky really.

Other than money I would also like to add a marvelous and incredible experience with meditating with my Neo one morning I just meditated with my Neo just a plain meditation no videos or cd’s just wanted to sit with my Neo sometimes I sometimes do that and or I play your other video’s you have. So after meditating with Neo continuing with my normal routine of the day in the evening I was going to celebrate pre July 4th fireworks in my neighborhood mind you its stressful but I said I will go. Everything that I was worried about didn’t happen I got there early I went with my mother I had something to eat the bathroom was available but the thing that got me was the placement for me to see the fireworks the place was crowded I said I am not going to see it ‘HA”. I was able to position myself front and center no one was standing in my way to see the fireworks yeah there were two people in front of me out of so many you know NY when someone is climbing all over you and not respecting your boundaries, I wasn’t stress about it and or the the timing when the fireworks where to start.

I asked the person that was next to me to let me know when 9:15pm was I didn’t have a watch I just blurted out that time because I knew that 9:20pm the fireworks were to start. In the paper I read the fireworks will start @9:20pm I told the person 9:15pm that so the both of us could get a 5 min head start to get our cameras ready and stand. LO and behold he says to me okay its 9:15 we both stand up I got up in slow motion just looking at the sky and saying I have such a wonderful view I can’t believe this is this where the fireworks will be I have never ever been able to experience this, then the fireworks started I was ready I didn’t even know I was ready I didn’t even know the time it started @ 9:15 and 20 sec.

I couldn’t believe the luck and the crowd was telling me the same thing that I was lucky to be at the right place and at the right time that has never ever happened to me. I asked myself what was it that was different, I couldn’t place my finger on it until I got it I meditated with my Neo Skullem I am not that type of a morning meditator and you know what I agree I do believe my luck happened meditating with my Neo device I have an older model but a goody not complaining about my baby. After that experience I will never ever skipped or be despondent about situation like this now that I have my Neo. I just wanted to write this because I am so happy I am so thrilled I have so disappointed before but not with my Neo I am having financial challenges but I am going to purchase a new model one day another new Neo device I will have two I see on your website you are having you sale I don’t know how it will happened or the financial means but I will write again and tell you of my experience of how this will happen but I see the wonderful additions to the Neo devices and I want another.

God bless you and for all that you’ve created for individual like me to be happy and finally be happy. I wish that all who read this have the financial abundance to be able to purchase a Neo. As a side note I have the Neo IDL cude in 2012 so I have been keeping up to date and absorb your information and see you have made an upgrade to the Neo device of which I want.

Take care James and God bless you. “Z”


Crystal skulls ultimately find themselves in the hands of the owners that they want to be with. Im glad you found the door of synconirsities opening up in your life. Meditation will help you tap into your higher self so that you can be more in tune with other dimensions, realities, and possibilities. – James Rink

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By Rebecca Sato. (as reported on

posted: 06 February 2008 

DNA has been found to have a bizarre ability to put itself together, even at a distance, when according to known science it shouldn’t be able to. Explanation: None, at least not yet.

Scientists are reporting evidence that contrary to our current beliefs about what is possible, intact double-stranded DNA has the “amazing” ability to recognize similarities in other DNA strands from a distance. Somehow they are able to identify one another, and the tiny bits of genetic material tend to congregate with similar DNA. The recognition of similar sequences in DNA’s chemical subunits, occurs in a way unrecognized by science. There is no known reason why the DNA is able to combine the way it does, and from a current theoretical standpoint this feat should be chemically impossible.

Even so, the research published in ACS’ Journal of Physical Chemistry B, shows very clearly that homology recognition between sequences of several hundred nucleotides occurs without physical contact or presence of proteins. Double helixes of DNA can recognize matching molecules from a distance and then gather together, all seemingly without help from any other molecules or chemical signals.

In the study, scientists observed the behavior of fluorescently tagged DNA strands placed in water that contained no proteins or other material that could interfere with the experiment. Strands with identical nucleotide sequences were about twice as likely to gather together as DNA strands with different sequences. No one knows how individual DNA strands could possibly be communicating in this way, yet somehow they do. The “telepathic” effect is a source of wonder and amazement for scientists.

“Amazingly, the forces responsible for the sequence recognition can reach across more than one nanometer of water separating the surfaces of the nearest neighbor DNA,” said the authors Geoff S. Baldwin, Sergey Leikin, John M. Seddon, and Alexei A. Kornyshev and colleagues.

This recognition effect may help increase the accuracy and efficiency of the homologous recombination of genes, which is a process responsible for DNA repair, evolution, and genetic diversity. The new findings may also shed light on ways to avoid recombination errors, which are factors in cancer, aging, and other health issues.


These are the original 15 given to us as a gift to humanity, handed down from other societies. Although it did not originate with them, the story we have is that they where handed down from Sirius civilization, that gave them to the YahYel, that gave them to the Shakani, who gave them to us as next in line.

The Circuits tap right into the neurological wiring of the brain, and the collective world spirit.

They are specifically designed to adapt your reciver brain antenna, from the idea of the higher mind being the conceiver, the physical brain being the receiver, and the mind being the perceiver.. to allow for (among other things), greater comunication between higher/lower mind (hyperconductive), acting like a network to gain more information and more connections, new perspectives that give broader understanding and tap into other levels of reality.

The 3 day Meditation

- Draw each circuit on a card (15 cards) each with 1 symbol and 1 word upon it.

- Find a peaceful place. (music/color if you wish)

- Gaze at each circuit, in succession, one after another, for 1 min per card, for 15 min.

- Do this 3 days in a row. 1 min per card, in order for 15 min.

- As you gaze and ponder and allow your mind to drift:

 -just absorb the idea of the shape
 -absorb the attendant concept
 -Without thinking, without analyzing, just let it in.

Just sit with these shapes and know, as you do so, allow the circuitry in your brain to rewire itself, to be representative of each and everyone of this symbolic shapes. Once a day is enough. You can do it 2 or 3 times, but it’s not suggested to be done more. Your need to allow you brain time to adapt and absorb these effects. After you have done it 3 days in a row, in order, 1-15, then you may view them in any order you are attracted to, and how many/few you are attracted to, but not more then 15 min in any given sitting.

Say hello to each symbol. Form a loving, exciting, peaceful, creative, playful, relationship with each symbol.

When you draw them, you can draw them anyway you wish from crude pencil to 3D graphics, as long as the basic shape is intact.

What is more important is that you form an RELATIONSHIP with all of the Sacred Circuits. Each and every one is like an autonomous being, with it’s own consciousness, it’s own vibration, it’s own reality,  it’s own awareness, and is willing to form a relationship with you.

~Erik Vikersveen

 Learn more  Theories about Sacred Circuits Sacred Circuits Seminar
 RE-WIRE your brain – Sacred Circuitry with Mantra

Tune into Arcturian frequencies by meditating on their mandalas. Many of them are found in crop circles, and in Janosh’ art. These blueprints are multidimensional frequencies of light, information and sound. Please place these inside your cube and post your feedback in the comments section below of what you experienced



You have a passion, something that makes you happy, but you are afraid to think big. The ultimate dream seems far away because you don’t see the opportunities. For that reason we often consider that something is impossible. There is too much to learn, to solve, to figure out and too little time or  means to do it. Also, we often think we need something outside ourselves. The possibilities are endless if you truly believe that you will be able to turn all your dreams into reality. Do not stay on the surface of your thinking, because true creation comes from within. Imagine you already have everything you desire and open yourself up to the many possibilities that are subsequently presented to you. The frequency ofOpportunities shows you that there are endless possibilities to get the most out of life.



We are often afraid to manifest the things that we really want. There is always a ‘but’ involved: ‘…I don’t have the time… I don’t have the knowledge… I do not have the means or the right people around me.’ They are just excuses. Rather a draw than a loss, so to speak. Look at the alternative: what if you could win everything? To get everything you have ever dreamed of in one fell swoop, isn’t that worthwhile? Instead of limiting yourself, it is now time to believe that you have everything within you to manifest your dreams. Live with passion from your heart, without fear and you can really achieve anything. The frequency ofManifestation helps you to remember that you have within you the ability to create everything you want.


You want freedom, but you are afraid of the responsibility that comes with it. The idea that you have to move forward by yourself frightens you. You ask yourself if you can do this or maybe you think that your dream is too far-fetched. ‘Who am I to do something like this?!’ The thought slowly creeps up on you and makes you doubt if you can do it. Do not run away from your fears any longer, just accept that they are there. Embrace them, just like the never-ending possibilities you have at your disposal. Radiate who you are! The frequency of Empowerment reminds you that you already possess unparalleled power.


Everything we need in life on Earth has been created for us in abundance. We often have difficulty accepting this, because we are prone to think in terms of lack. We cling onto the idea of security because we are afraid of having nothing. Energy is everywhere and everlasting. Do not restrict yourself by thinking too small, because with the proper intentions everything is possible. You just need to believe. The frequency ofAbundance shows you that you already have everything you need to realise your dreams, no matter how big your ambitions are. 


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James I wanted to share with you my experiences of using my IDL 80 Gatekey. There is a lady that is working with me who had a son born at 11 pounds causing her hip to push out of place. She had been suffering with pain for 23 years. So i meditated with her with my cubes and things are happening much faster. When I did that she said her fingers tingled . So I just asked the cube to keep injecting healing serums.

I then activated my innersoultech manifestation boards and radionics machine then 5 minutes later her hand was numb all the way. Then she touched her hip putting pressure on her injury and felt an intense pain. The next day some kind of miracle happen. There was no pain, she presses the leg really hard to get that feeling and the pain was completely gone. She suffered for 23 years its a miracle, unbelievable . I did for her in 10 minutes what doctors couldn’t do in 23 years.

Another lady i worked on was diagnosed with cancer and i did my meditation with her and she went to the doctor again and there was no cancer in her blood or anywhere else in her body.

My friend has a dog that is 18 years old. The dog came to sit down right next to me when i was meditating and afterward
she had full of energy, her eye colored changed, I believe the cube detoxed her.

I can sit in a circle and call names and people start to get healed. Some people have a strong connection to the cube.

The cube is amazing thank you james.

Attention Neo Users: Please experiment around by printing out these images and placing inside your cube. Please post your feedback below…..

As you might be already aware, symbols can be very powerful. Some of the most penetrating deep psyche work by psychological pioneers such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were about symbols, their meaning, and their power, especially from the archetypal level of mind, which is once again a group, or collective, level of mind we all share.

These symbols are from such an archetypal level, and have been shown to us through methods available here, through The Supramind Project, such as the Suprasensory System, which if you haven’t checked out yet, is well worth doing. Symbols are containers of information, even libraries of information, and so the sheer depth, breadth and scope of these symbols we haven’t even yet scratched the surface of, but have derived some surface 3D meanings and actions after working with them for quite some time.

By action we mean that by working with them, they will reach into your deep psyche and effect work on the levels of energy and deeply seeded patterning, unraveling the tapestries which serve to stimulate the kinds of thinking which are so quickly becoming obsolete. This in turn frees you from that patterning, causing you, as is so often stated around here, to be a clearer and clearer vessel for the blossoming of the new consciousness.

They are best understood and worked with on an intuitive level. Said another way, you might think that you have an area you yourself feel strongly about changing, such as Relationships, but your supramind knows which symbol and all its layers of meaning must be worked with, and in what order, and it’s through your intuition that the supramind speaks to you. Each of the symbols does have a detailed surface meaning, but we deliberately exclude those in order to encourage you to instead use your intuition to make a selection on which to work with.

As you might already have surmised about The Supramind Project, there isn’t anything about it where we tell <i>you</i> what is what, no doctrine, no dogma, but we offer the tools for you to make the entire project be an experiential unfolding of your own potential, where your intuition is the determinant of how the tools are used and what meaning is derived from them. In this way, you are ultimately the source of a given symbol’s meaning, and if you approach them with an empty mind and an open heart, you will see how they show up in your life, and in a fairly short period of time, sometimes immediately.

We can provide some mentoring, and some other special services associated with these symbols, and if you’re so moved please contact us privately.

So, let’s get to it, shall we? No time like right this second. The procedure is for you to start with an empty mind. You can do that through our Chakra Cuning, or you can use the Quiet Mind tool linked to below. Then, when ready, you’d scan through the thumbnails and locate the one symbol that stands out more than any other for you. Chances are, the aesthetic appeal is how you do it in the moment, as your supramind knows how to appeal to your sense of beauty. Whichever one you choose, click on it. You’ll be given the full-sized version, but each of those has a watery effect you can play with, interact with, to deepen the contact between your waking conscious mind, you, your personality, and the deeper, higher, supramind.

Then you have nothing to do but to BE with it, to be open and receptive, with a clear and empty mind. Play with the watery symbol as though daydreaming, and be open to any information that might come through specifically for you and what you might need to know about this or that.

Try not to overdo it. They can be very powerful. Work with it for a few minutes, and then stop, once again using your intuition for this length of time. For your next session, revisit the same symbol and use your intuition to see whether or not you’re finished with it for at least the time being. If so, move onto a different symbol using the procedure above. Each of the full-sized interactive images has a link to a mobile version, which is just a static image you can save to your computer for printing, or for off-line use.

Session Preparation:

Quiet Mind / Chakra Cuning

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UFO-mothership-333Yes, it’s true. It’s so much going behind the scenes, you would not believe it … The “guys” confirmed that.
A Group of Pleiadians Removed Thousands of Cabal from the Planet June 15th. (Posted @Starship Earth: The Big Picture compiled by Rique Seraphico).

Could this really be true? (R. Seraphico).

Julien Wells Pleiadian update on Diamondsforever31: 14.06.14.
Video Link:

Thank you, Jane, for sending this. I still haven’t had a chance to listen to much more than an hour, but WOW!

Julien Wells always shares the most incredible insights about what is happening behind the scenes on the Galactic Front and this discussion is no exception.

If you’re not familiar with Julien, he has an incredible conduit to the Pleiadians who regularly share information with him and he never knows when the telepathic transmissions are going to come through.

He says a group of Pleiadians that is desperate to make a difference in the planetary situation went outside the box and devised a way to free nearly 11,000 underlings of the cabal who have been screaming to get out of their predicament and contracts with their masters—despite the fact that other groups of Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Orions, Sirians, etc. disagreed with their plan.

Those removed from the planet are the highly compartmentalized cabal who are afraid for their lives at the hands of Humanity when we learn what they’ve done. They are not near the top and just do what they’ve been trained to do—but that does affect us and their removal will benefit many of us.

You’ll have to listen for yourselves, but this makes it crystal clear that…

1. There are many, many independent groups of galactics on their own missions to free us and that is why no ONE spokesperson at our disposal knows everything that is happening or will happen, or why.

2. Our star families are under no such edict to keep their noses out of our business and refrain from “interfering”. They’re interfering BIG TIME! and I’m so grateful. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think it was a brilliant plan.

Thank you Julien and everyone involved with bringing us this fascinating information. There is another interview they recommend listening to first, but I had to jump on this one when I had connectivity. I’ll catch up later.


The miracle of heart centered counseling is the power of love and gratefulness ~ for when your heart is awakened through love and gratefulness, you not only want to heal but you also know or at least sense your next step in the self-healing process

by Allen L Roland

I have proven in my own personal experience as well as my over 35 years as a heart centered therapist and counselor that the basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness ( the Unified Field ) which lies not only beyond time and space but ALSO beneath our deepest fears.

As such, the supposition must be made that what lies deepest within us is not anger and pain but instead love, joy and a state of soul consciousness.

Time after time in my heart centered counseling, with both veterans and civilians, I find that once they realize that they have loved people deeply in the past and recognize that these people were and are still gifts in their quest to find themselves ~ the magic of self-healing begins, aided by dreams and all sorts of unforeseen events which happen to accelerate that process.

The point must be made here on the basis of accumulated research and studies that the pain of feeling unloved and alone or abandoned is the most awesome pain that can be humanly experienced and obviously is capable of bringing forth hypothalamic reactions which affect our well-being and physical health.

Thus, it would appear that the pain of not feeling loved for oneself or feeling seemingly alone and abandoned is of such deep psychic proportions that death would occur unless we consciously separated from our feelings and our intuitive right brain connection to soul consciousness ~ in order to survive.

It would also seem logical at this point that ego consciousness  (ego-defense, manipulation of the environment, control and self-protection) become more important for survival than soul consciousness (sensitivity, receptivity to the environment as well as our deepest urge to love and unite).

In Robert Ornstein’s THE NATURE OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, Michael Gazzaniga comments on the appearance of this left brain dominance at an early age:

” In the young child, each hemisphere of the brain is about equally developed with respect to language and speech function. We are, thus, faced with the interesting question of why the right hemisphere at an early age and state of development possesses substantial language capacity whereas , at a more adult age it possesses a rather poor capacity. The implication is that during maturation, the processes and systems active in making this capacity manifest are somehow inhibited and dismantled in the right hemisphere and allowed to reside only in the left hemisphere. “

What actually happens, because of psychic pain, is that our true authentic self, and with it the feeling, intuitive –   receptive right brain and its connection to the Unified Field goes into hibernation within the ego’s protectivecocoon. There is little doubt that it is at this point that hypothalamic reactions are triggered which literally halt our emotional growth ~ for the biological clock is located in the feeling circuits of the brain.

Remember, that the ego is a projection of what we feel we have to be versus who we really are ~ it is not born from joy but instead from pain and aloneness and usually as an only choice ~ and it is eventually meant to be shed.

In other words, psychic pain overrides our original joyful state of soul consciousness caused by the seeming separation from love ~ and emotionally we stop growing. That is where the lost inner child resides waiting to be unconditionally loved ~ waiting until it’s safe to come out from its cocoon of fear. We externalize this inner quest in relationships ( usually re-creating our original separation scenario) but what we are really after is our true authentic self.


I’m the classic example of this phenomenon in that my heart closed when I was taken away from my beloved grandfather at 6 years old. The psychic pain of that event overrode my joy, my heart closed and my protective ego went into place as I became whatever I had to be in order to be loved. Only when I eventually fully opened my heart and faced and went through my deepest fears and pain ~ did I find that lost child within myself and along with it my original state of love, joy and soul consciousness, that lies beyond time and space ( the Unified Field ) and along with it, my part in a universal loving plan.

This is why most people are not afraid of their pain, most people are living in pain ~ what most people are afraid of is their deep joy because they feel it will eventually be taken away ~ as it seemingly was as a child.

Those who I love deeply will leave me ~ a common universal fear, which was once mine, until I fully opened my heart and conquered that fear in the process.

The miracle of my heart centered counseling is that I can see through the heart, beneath their pain and actually see the lost child within my client who just wants to not only be seen ~ but to be re-connected to their deepest joy, intention, purpose as well as their original state of soul consciousness. Gratefulness is the lifeblood of that state of consciousness and I utilize that from their very first session.

This transformation can happen in as little as seven sessions by first, having them see their life as a quest versus a struggle, then take accountability for their own pain and the decisions that they alone made to be controlled by fear and most importantly thank the people who have been there for them during their lives ~ for gratefulness is the lifeblood of soul consciousness.

Thus, they begin the rapid transit from ego consciousness to their original state of soul consciousness and the eventual realization that their life is being inner guided ~ as mine most certainly is.

Dreams become incredibly important during this self-healing process for they are indeed messages from the soul meant to be enlisted in the process of peeling away the layers of the ego. But they are also constant reminders that the answers are within ~ if we will but listen and respond.

The near death experience, as such, is a joyful state of soul consciousness and the long dark tunnel that many NDEers experience is the rapid transit through ego consciousness towards the light of the love, joy and soul consciousness deepest within themselves ~ the Unified Field.      See article ~  

During my transformation counseling, message dreams, unforeseen important events and the miracles of self-healing accelerate because the heart driven are guided by their true destiny ~ whereas the ego driven are guided by a fear-based and spiritually desolate destiny.

As such, I am, in reality, their coach until they meet the real coach, themselves.

Nothing could be more spiritually rewarding than retrieving and empowering lost souls ~ and it is clearly the work that my life’s path prepared me for.

 As such, the miracle of heart centered counseling is, in essence, the power of love and gratefulness ~ without which no true self-healing can occur.

Pleiadians are human looking beings who live in a another space time dimension approximately 150 light years from planet earth in the Pleiades sector of the milky way galaxy. Just like humans colonized this planet millions of years ago so was the same for the Pleiades. They are our brothers and sisters and so dearly wish to be united with us in a global first contact event. But there are powerful forces preventing this from happening. Planet Earth has been under quarantine by the dark forces for 25,000 years and with your help this is about to change.

Date Released: June 1, 2014
Hosted by: James Rink

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