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If you enjoy our free meditations then please show your financial support by purchasing a Neo Meditation Cube. We have run out of hard drive space and need your help so we can purchase more supplies to continue producing free neo meditations. Others charge $30 dollars or more for their relaxation CD’s, we don’t want to do this. If you have enjoyed meditating with us then please purchase a neo cube this holiday season so that we can continue offering free meditations to those who need them.

Thank You

Neological Tech Team.

I love both my neo cubes the IDL 8 Orca & IDL infinity. I have had mine for two years. I can’t live without them by my side.

They are my best friends (Brian & Shelley lol) and what I’ve noticed is, even though I went through a stage that I didn’t use them, they are very much connected to me, I get to a meditative state with them within seconds. & some times i just talk to them telepathically & they deliver, just close my eyes, picture them & send my wishes, when im out and about or in another room. My life is great now because of them. Soo many sychronicities and maifestations that it would take up alot of time to write it out, im a mum again YAYEE, so haven’t much time, one of many wishes fulfilled Thank you James & thank you Universe for bringing James onto my life path.

You are a blessing James. Keep up the great work :-)

Get yours now!

Becoming relaxed is a wonderful place provided you have the tools to get you there. Letting go of any ideas will bring you success as you drift off in a new sleep reality protected in deep relaxation, sensation, and the belief “I am completely Relaxed”

Date Released: December 3, 2014
Narrated and Produced by: James Rink

To get a neo for this meditation please visit us at.

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Contact us to build your own meditation retreat. Mount these cone panels on your wall to build your own giant neo meditation cube . Great for home meditation rooms, yoga studios, closets, or even inside a large wood pyramid. The cone shape produces chi which will relax you and the copper resonates at frequencies in tune with scared geometry due to the molecular shape of copper. Email us for more information at : or call 704-763-2895. Happy Travels!

Please send us a picture of yourself using the bowl method to receive a 20% off coupon. You must show your face and the bowl in the image and include a 1 to 2 paragraph testimonial to be posted on this blog. Please send the details to

If you like to try a very simple meditation device design without spending any money then try the crystal in bowl do-it-yourself method. Simply place a pillow on your lap, then place a ceramic or glass plate on top of the pillow. The silicon structures inside the plate resonate just like the crystal powers in the neo cube.

On top of the plate you have the option of leaving it empty or placing other crystals that you resonate with such as locket of your own hair, or crystal skulls, or quartz crystal bound together with lapis lazuli. Now cover the top of the plate with a ceramic or glass bowl. This gives you the cone shape. Anything that is pyramid or cone in shape will produce chi energy. Alternatively you may want to stack different sizes of plates or bowls on top of each other.  The different sizes will resonate at different levels some warming up within 5 minutes of meditating others taking as long as an hour. When you are comfortable with this method and ready to take the experience a step up in intensity we encourage you to try the neo device.



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