Hello I am James Rink. I have been using hypnosis and holistic methods to integrate my mind, body, and spirit for over half a decade. When I first starting using a neo not only was I a believer in this technology, I wanted to help spread this amazing device so that anyone could have access to it.

So what is a Neo? A Neo is mind meditation machine which you use 10 to 60 minutes per day.

It creates a torsion field around your body which transmutes negative chi into positive chi. Chi energy is consciousness energy, its imprint can be found all throughout nature in and within scared geometry. When you tune into this harmonious frequency you can tap into the universal divine collective consciousness and manifest any of your desires because our entire reality begins with a thought formation. A Neo can increase your psychic abilities, it can also bring schizophrenia, bipolar, and dissociation disorders in balance, and with daily usage you can reverse DNA damage, allowing your body to feel better physically, while enhancing your intelligence. Some users may even notice their age reversing.

If you are unfamiliar with this type of technology we ask that you review all the material on this website, while keeping an open mind, and then you will see how powerful this technology is.



Neological Technologies is a division of Transcendent Trust Company. We are dedicated to bringing cutting edge new technologies to the public to help heal and clean up this planet.

For investor relations please contact info@neologicaltech.com


The Neo is a ZPE chi energizer, it has many functions including anti gravity, time travel, and zero point energy. It’s basically a miniature version of the same technology used in alien flying saucers. These designs are being prototyped as we speak and in time will be released to the public, but right now the Neo is designed to be used as a mediation aid to help your body become in tune with the galactic core Schuman resonance in preparation of 2012 and the shift into the 5th dimension.

If you use this device long enough your psychic gifts will begin to open up allowing you to tune into the ZPE vibrational energy all around us. If you use this device long enough you may find yourself able to commune with the spirit, mineral, animal, and plant kingdoms. Levitation, time travel, and telepathy are just some of the abilities that can open up as you begin the ascension process. But don’t ask us get a device and try it yourself.

  1. David said:

    is it using electric device or just a box? and how much?

    • the box is based on sacred geometry and is powered using chi. The Neo ORCA IDL8 is $128

  2. mary said:

    Wierd that it has human hair inside.

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