I feel my cube has/resonates feminine energy. I thought she wanted to be called Kadambini (lotus) and I call her that (kadambini-device) for the commands during meditation. I used to think they mean the same but it turns out Kadambini means “a garland of clouds”. – P P1200671



The purpose of meditation is to gradually elevate the mind to its highest possibility of unconditioned peace and love. There are various rungs that a meditator must climb in this process. It begins with studying or listening to the right knowledge. The test of rightness is that it is experientiable and substantiable by each and everybody. If it is not and if things appear to be mysterious, there could be something wrong or very ordinary that is being taught. The highest knowledge is also the simplest one. There is nothing esoteric about it.[1]

Ever wonder why we use lightning rods on our rooftops? In electrostatics, it is well known that electric charges accumulate at the tip or edge of metallic objects more readily than a smooth surface. This is why it is good practice to fit the roof or high point of homes with lightning rods and spark gaps in case of direct lightning strikes during thunderstorms. The accumulated charge on the rod safely draws the lightning bolt away from the house. Likewise, pyramid shapes have the ability to focus both electrical and torsion fields at the apex. You may be amazed to know that the torsion field created by orgonite based composites can effects a very long range, although subtle. This can be utilized to help clear up chemtrails.

The most famous pyramid energy studies were the Russian research by Ukrainian scientist Alexander Golod. The University of Moscow – funded research granted the construction of seventeen multi-story fiberglass pyramid. The most recent construction (which recently blew down during a major storm) was 46 meters high and made from 55 tons of fiberglass! Since 1999, after five years of construction, it had attracted tourists, the curious and researchers. According to Golod, the fiberglass pyramid is capable of boosting the immune system to help fight cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, curing impotence and reducing the effects of radiation.

What is also fascinating about these pyramids was the discovery of a persistent negative ion column coming from the apex of the structure extending into the upper stratosphere when observed by measuring equipment in both helicopter and science balloon.

There is a constant electric field of 100 volts per meter, between the Earth’s ionosphere and the ground. Like a large capacitor in an electric circuit, electrical energy is stored in the atmosphere, these large pyramids, and Earth’s crust, where the ground and upper atmosphere are acting as the capacitor’s conductive plates. With this in mind, are large pyramid structures electrically altering the local environment? The effects witnessed within these pyramids are certainly similar to the healing effects within Dr.Wilhelm Reich’s orgone accumulator boxes.
Orgone accumulators and other orgone-based composites do not need to be so large to impact the conditions in the local environment. The layers of metal and organic material store potential energies that are both electrical and etheric in nature. This interaction somehow creates torsion fields from stray fluctuations in the environment, and the number of layers of metal and organic material within a volume of space determines the strength of the effect. The electrodynamic nature of this technology is only a part of a greater whole.  In this video Tivon and HopeGirl discuss the effects of orgonite pyramids and chemtrails.

If your interested in our orgonite pyramids you can find out more at This Link.

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In this lecture, BioTime CEO and Geron founder Dr. Michael West discusses regenerative medicine and its application to age-related disease with a specific focus on the role of telomeres. Dr. West begins by describing the dichotomy of the germline and soma: the human species is essentially immortal in spite of the fact that each individual ages. He introduces the fact that telomeres play a critical role in the ability of the germline to remain youthful indefinitely before exploring the therapeutic promise of telomerase and embryonic stem cells. Although he notes the specific challenges that arise from the use of stem cells, he demonstrates how BioTime has already managed to overcome some of these challenges using its technologies. Dr. West concludes by explaining the cloning process and giving significant insight into how regenerative medicine can be used to treat or cure the diseases of aging.

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