My Current NEO Device Testimonial

I can tell about my current NEO, that I’ve seen some positive things happening since I received it.
Like some people think more positively about me, even without obvious reasons. Like the first day I received the NEO, the gardien of the residence where I lived said me when it gave me the package that she has thought about giving an “advance” for the fees to the postman, but redirected him to my apartment where I was. And I never saw this from anybody.
The last event, is that I asked to find a new work as quickly as possible (I’m “freelance” web developer), as I was put out of my precedent mission happening onsite of a client after 2 years in pretty hard context with cuts in the budget, lot of people having to go end of June, bad relation with  the manager, and lot of investment from my part receiving the orders, having to support the hierarchy passing they nerves on me, without feeling any kind recognition. So prior, I asked the NEO to help me to find a new work.  Believe or not, I didn’t even need to put my CV on the web. I was contacted on LinkedIn, and was presented to a client the day after finishing my last mission. Ad I got this new mission in the region where I live which can be hard to find (sometimes I have to travel to Paris every week). I’ve never ever seen something like this, as it takes usually lots of meetings and more time like 3-4 weeks minimum.
 I tried also one of your meditations to recover memory more quickly. And I did recover a date of visiting my grandmother. But it happened many years ago, and it was impossible as there was no trace anywhere. After meditation, it just popped up in my head, like that…
 So many things are happening, just sometimes, I need to be more patient (even if I am by character), because it’s sometimes hard to guess what is in the mind of the NEO and how things should occur.
 Anyway these are only some things I’ve mentioned. You could put it in your testimonials.
 A 5 five star is not very descriptive.



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