How to build a Hutchison Power Cell !!!!

See video responses to help
Step by step instructions on how to build a crystal power cell, developed by John Hutchison. FREE ENERGY. Hutchison is in the process of open sourcing ALL his technologies. The METER readings are in VOLTS and MILLIAMPS. Now that you have the knowledge of how to become FREE: What will you do? Filmed by Nancy Lazaryan June 2011. ALSO HOBBITS
back ground info on power cells started as projects with george L for two years untill he wanted the entire h effect lab courtcase and canada government business partner at the time used in reverse the cells do this updates check out this video NEWS RELEASE FINALY OK LINK TO FOR ADAVANCED EXSPERIMENTERS WHO WANT OR NEED LEVITATION STUFF OR BEST TYPE MACHINES THE PILES KEP GROWING UPDATE PARTS HERE


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