Integrating our Inner Child Neo Meditation

Integrating our Inner Child Neo Meditation

The whole idea of inner child work is to heal the wounded inner child that feels they weren’t loved enough. At the same time, we want to encourage and release the positive aspects of the child — spontaneity, and a sense of fun and wonder that helps us to love life and grab opportunities that come our way. Other forms of therapy successfully carry out inner child work, but it can take a lot of time and discussion, and digging around in the past, working through issues from early childhood. Meditation on the other hand, is a fantastic tool that can shortcut the whole process, bringing about dramatic change in just one or two sessions.

What we really do in inner child work is “re-parent” the wounded child. That child sub-personality has been stuck, locked in an unhappy struggle to change the way things were, to re-play history until he or she gets what they wanted or needed. By giving them what they want and need in fantasy (and remember, the unconscious mind can’t distinguish between reality and something we vividly imagine), we can release the old, destructive patterns and insecurities, and move forward in a way that’s positive and appropriate to the adults we have now become.

Original Air Date: Friday, February 17, 2012
Hosted by: James Rink

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DISCLAIMER – Offered to treat for entertainment purposes only. Neological Technologies and James Rink is to be held harmless by all third parties.


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