Harnessing the Law of Attraction Neo Meditation

Harnessing the Law of Attraction Neo Meditation

The law of attraction is a great way to manifest what you desire but the key to this desire is the emotional connection tied to this response. This exercise should be done before going to bed. Before we begin please write what you want to manifest on a cup of water and place it on top of your unit positioned on a flat surface. These words can be as simple as, “tomorrow I am going to be amazingly creative and glowing with love,” or be specific, “tomorrow I would like to solve my challenge with such and such a situation.” This will help create the vibrational energy of what you desire and infuse it into your auric body after completing this exercise.

Original Air Date: Friday, March 9, 2012
Hosted by: James Rink

To get a neo for this meditation please visit us at.

DISCLAIMER – Offered to treat for entertainment purposes only. Neological Technologies and James Rink is to be held harmless by all third parties.


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