IDL Experiences

IDL Experiences


Posted on April 25, 2012 by admin

So the little Elena said she would like to give the device a whirl. I gave her the protocol to say. Within 30 seconds she exclaimed that it felt like chopsticks were in her mouth. She pulled her hands away from the device and smiled. She wanted to try again so I again walked her through the verbal protocol. Again, she felt like there were chopsticks were in her mouth. She laughed and pulled away from the device. When I asked her how big the chopsticks were she motioned with her hands…the distance was about 3 feet in length. Later on in the day she wanted to try once more, only to get the same result.


Posted on April 25, 2012 by admin

Here’s a post from the spiritual forums website:

Originally Posted by iolite
“So, what parts [of the IDL Basic Activation Protocol] are necessary and what parts aren’t? I’ve resorted to:Device activate … increase

just to see what would happen. I’ve not got any farther than the tingling and maybe “seeing” the tunnel. Man, I wish I could get to the point your [user Zagat]  kids have…”

“Hi Iolite.

My son asked it about the activation protocol His question was, “Device, is it necessary to say the entire protocol every time?” It showed him a picture of a packet that just had “stargate, I trust you completely to heal and integrate my mind, body, and spirit. Stargate mode, activate and increase. Automatic mode” highlighted. He felt and I thought that perhaps that is all that you need to say. I still feel good about saying “hi” to the device.  Personal preference though.

I wish I could get to the point that my children have as well. Still trying.”

Electronic Voice

Posted on April 20, 2012 by admin

Today before heading to the hospital I turned on my digital audio recorder and set the device into Electronic Voice Phenomenon mode. You go through the normal protocol then add a command at the end: DEVICE ACTIVATE ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENON MODE

After waiting a couple of minutes I read off the message that I had first given to the device.

Upon my return (1:45:00 later) I ended the session and stopped the recording. A slightly electronic female-type voice might be heard. Opening up the mp3 in Audacity I listened to the recording but did not perceive any voice or message. I did, however, feel the wind that I normally feel during the sessions blowing across my lips. The instructions do say that this procedure is for “advanced users only.”


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