Thought I would recommend Kelly Jones as a gifted akashic reader

Kelly Jones Feng Shui

Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher

I am honored to be an agent for this supra-physical guidance system.  I convey the messages brought forth by your Masters and Guides as they respond to your questions.  Specific information and guidance is transmitted via a vibrational language of light enveloped in unconditional love and non-judgment.  The truth of this is recognized in the knowingness you experience upon recieving their profound wisdom.

I’ve been consulting the Akashic Records for clients since 2002 and trained with a 4th generation Akashic Records techer.  This process of using the Sacred Prayer was approved and guided by the Akashic Records Guides through ARC International.

Now myself, a 5th generation teacher of the Akashic Records, I offer Introductory Workshops, as well as Level I and Level II training which offers aspiring individuals the ability to first read their own Records and second read the Records of another.  If you are considering this as part of your own personal unfoldment please visit my Learning Center for more information and my Events for upcoming workshops and training, or contact me directly if you’d like to host an event in your home town.


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