Heal Your Inner Self with Meditation Techniques

Heal Your Inner Self with Meditation Techniques

By James Rink

In today’s tough economic climate many people find themselves burdened with low paying stressful jobs just to meet life’s daily demands.  What many folks fail to realize is our reality is consciousness based. We manifest what we project into the universe.

Recently I had a young individual from the UK contact me complaining about how expensive the Neo Meditation Cubes where and how if we were a spiritual company we should sell them at a price he can afford. He then proceeded to tell me how the government cut back his welfare check and how his rent is increasing and how harsh and unforgiving society is. When offered advice on how to manifest abundance in his life on his own, this individual showed no desire to learn but simply wanted a handout which he would most likely not appreciate anyway.

Though many people can resonate with this young man’s hardships the truth is we all have the power to overcome life’s most difficult situations. As mentioned before, our reality is based on consciousness energy; this means our thoughts can affect the very breath of what we know to be real. If we can access the star gate in our pineal gland we can tap into the unlimited potential of the 5th dimension, which is heaven on earth, and draw it back down into our third dimensional reality making miracles come true.

There are a few ways to going about doing this. A simple affirmation each day you wake up can work wonders as sound carries vibrational frequencies that can draw what you desire through the law of attraction. Hypnosis and meditation are also wonderful tools to make this happen. Hypnosis is a bit hands on and may not be practical choice for most people but meditation is pretty straight forward.

The key is relaxation. By letting go of stress through meditation you can allow your body to open up the healing gifts of your pineal gland. So meditation isn’t doing the healing and manifesting, you are, simply by letting go and letting your god spark within shine through in the creation mastery process. By become self-empowered you can now walk as a master in your physical, mental, and divine faculties.

There are numerous types of meditation one can try. The easiest for beginners is to simply sit quietly for a minimum of 11 minutes a day and talk to your spirit within. But if you want to take it a step further you may want to try clearing your mind, this is known as transcendental meditation. Studies have shown TM to be very effective at reducing stress but it’s quite difficult to master especially if you are new to meditation.

Another method which has been practiced for centuries is repeating a mantra such as ohmmmmm or focusing your mind on an object such as the yin-yang symbol or even practicing specialized yoga breathing exercises. These all are effective tools but they can be somewhat mentally draining.

You can also try guided meditations these are great for novice meditators who really have no clue where to even begin. Here you may listen to a soundtrack of a narrator telling you a story and in the background you may hear soothing music or sounds of nature.

If you find another’s voice distracting then you could try binaural beats or holosync’s which alter your brainwave frequencies to help you relax, for more information about this technique please review the Monroe Institutes website.

If you desire something more intense then these methods then consider a Neo Meditation device. These are cube shaped devices based on sacred geometry in tune with divine universe energies. By placing one on your lap while meditating you can bring chi energy into your body helping you feel relaxed and at peace. The chi is compressed into the center and opens up a star gate which you can connect to via your pineal gland to manifest the desires of your heart.

No matter what you choose the end result is relaxation and transformation into a healthier, empowered individual. This is what Jesus meant when he said “The kingdom of God is within.” By looking within we can find spiritual healing and intuition to eradicate the root cause of all life’s problems.

So what are you waiting for learn how to meditate now! Let go of those distractions in your life. Forget the noise of traffic, switch off the television, and put your cell phones on silent mode. The time is now to free your mind with healing meditations.

About The Author

James Rink is a professional author with years of experience with hypnosis, meditation, and alternative healing. To learn more about the Neo Meditation Cube and free weekly Neo Meditations with James Rink please visit his website at http://www.neologicaltech.com.


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