Healing Meditation – A Prefect Resort to Attain Peace

By James Rink

Our wise sages and elders have been using healing meditation techniques for ages, as meditation helps realign our aura and chakra system; bringing us in tune with the universal Christ consciousness. When we are in commune with this God frequency we can reap its benefits such as integration, manifestation, well-being, and relaxation. The key is, we must learn to relax and allow our body to heal itself. The number one reason why we get sick in the first place is due to stress. If we can let go and let god through the still voice of our heart we can heal anything and do anything.

Meditation helps individuals with ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosomatic pains, and numerous other psychological disorders. When we can maintain our mind into harmonious brain wave patterns such as found between the alpha and theta brain wave area similar to a relaxed day dream; we can remain clear minded and calm even under stress and daily pressures. So healing meditations helps you feel better overall even when triggered by life’s daily challenges and in time greatly reducing the symptoms of these emotional disorders.

There are numerous energy healing techniques at our disposal including sound vibrations, aromatherapy, reiki, grabovoi numbers, or even using crystals over your chakras. Another idea is to put your left hand over your heart and your right hand over your solar plexus located in the center of your chest. Now imagine an infinity figure 8 symbol spinning etheric energies around your hands in this pattern. The key is, by manipulating our bodies own natural energies and meridian points we can release blockages of chi restoring balance to the cellular level.

The memories, experiences and genetic background from not only this life but our past lives as well are stored outside your body in an etheric hologram known as your aura. Connected to your aura via your crown chakra is your soul which appears as a DNA strand of holographic light interconnected with other dimensions in which you reside. By using energy healing techniques we can alter the shape and content of this energy field which in turn corresponds to changes in the blueprint of our physical body also known as biogenesis, and our mind as well, which more or less operates like a computer processing the information in your aura.

Meditation for healing ourselves is possible. By releasing stress we can give our body an opportunity to heal physical illness and aliments. In yoga there is practice called pranayama breathing which helps you integrate your Prana or life force energy through your breathing motions. Another technique involves the use of clearing your mind of all thoughts; this is known as transcendental meditation. As easy it sounds to clear your mind it’s actually quite difficult for new users. Another approach for Meditation for healing would be the Neo meditation cubes which is a technology assisted device based on sacred geometry to tune your body into the Christ consciousness while meditating.

All these techniques can be used for meditation for healing, helping you attain a unified mind-body-spirit connection. Making you the avatar of your life path and the benefits it pertains including enhanced life span, healthier immune system, and psychological well-being. Together using these energy healing techniques and healing meditations, you can be assured of one thing that you will become a better person individual both mentally, physically, and spiritually!

About The Author

James Rink is a professional author with years of experience with hypnosis, meditation, and alternative healing. To learn more about the Neo Meditation Cube and free weekly Neo Meditations with James Rink please visit his website at http://www.neologicaltech.com.

1 comment
  1. Elizabeth said:

    HI James,
    Great article. Getting and maintaining Peace is what i am all about right now. It seems I am getting stuck in being negative. I had missed a few days of meditation, and had not used the cube for a week or so. So last night I said, I have to make time no matter what. I was zoned out for a while, and then was unzoned out and I did FEEL the air moving between the neo cube 8 and my left hand. It was very strong, not a gust of wind but definately strong enough to know that it was air moving and not my imagination. It was very cool.

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