Although the “universe of 3D time” sounds very strange, it actually is quite familiar.
We go there every night in dreams. Ghosts are the shadows of people walking in this parallel reality. Remote viewers can study events in our own space and time — by using their “astral body” to travel through this parallel reality.
Better yet, every molecule of matter that exists in our reality has an exact duplicate in the parallel reality. Otherwise, it could not exist — thanks to the new physics that has now been developed from these principles.
That means that when you go into this alternate universe, things look pretty much the same — at least in many respects.
This alternate universe is all around you, right now. It’s everywhere — and yet you can’t touch it with your physical body. Only your mind.
Unless you have an exotic technology like Looking Glass — or a teleportation device.
In that case, things will still look the same as they do here. The only difference now is that where you look determineswhat time you are looking at.
The spherical EM shield created by the rotating rings in Looking Glass also cancels out the natural “spin fields” within our own gravitational field.
These “gravi-spin” waves, as Russian scientists like Terletskiy call them, or “torsion fields,” turn out to be the secret to space, time, matter, energy, biological life and consciousness.
I coined the term “The Source Field”  to create a single phrase that properly describes the spirit and impact of these stunning new scientific breakthroughs.
As I say in the book, Gravity is the Source Field. The Source Field is Gravity. It’s as simple as that.
Gravity has been woefully under-appreciated, due in part to scientific suppression by classified government programs.
One of the weirdest things we discover in this new science is that time is gravity-powered. Gravity is the energy that creates matter, and the flow of gravity is what determines the rate that time flows in a given object or area.
If you can either cancel out the spin fields in gravity or shield it entirely, you release the pressure that keeps matter held in a particle state.
All the matter within that area then shifts from a particle state to a wave state — and it stays there. The object becomes invisible, as far as we are concerned.
As soon as you create this “null zone” in our own gravitational field, you automatically open up a direct portal that allows you to peer into the parallel universe — as well as creating potential “lift” to be used for propulsion.
The “rules” of space and time turn inside out — and time becomes three-dimensional.
Now, traveling through the landscape is like scrubbing a video backwards and forwards — depending on which direction you go.
There are a wealth of full-length research books and dozens of rigorous scientific papers available, free online, to defend this science.
You could literally spend years just in scholarship on this one subject alone. I certainly did.
The scientist who spelled this all out, originally in the 1950s, was Dr. Dewey Larson.
Dr. Don Elkins, the questioner of the Law of One series, was a colleague and intense scholar of Larson’s material — and understood it far better than most people ever could.
Now that Daniel has finally gone public, I can say that in addition to having worked in hyper-classified “black projects” for Brookhaven National Laboratories, he is also the strongest Larson scholar I’ve ever met.
Admittedly, Daniel often went way over my head when he talked to me about Dewey Larson’s physics of 3D time, which was prominently endorsed in the Law of One material as the most accurate scientific model we had developed — so far.
It wasn’t until I sat down in 2009 and 2010, spread out 30 years’ worth of research, and forced myself to put all the pieces together, that I finally found a way to write about this stuff — and synthesize all the data into a new whole.
The whole trick was to make it coherent, relatively easy to understand, and back it up with the latest, greatest scientific evidence available.
Robert Lucien Howe was the first insider to tip me off, years ago, that Looking Glass was merely an ancient reverse-engineering of the pineal gland — inside the human brain.
This is a hollow, pea-sized gland filled with water inside — and shaped like a pine cone or barrel. It also creates a spherical electromagnetic shield around itself — to close off the water inside from our own three-dimensional reality.
Dr. Dan Burisch, another insider I was in contact with, soon confirmed that Looking Glass was a reverse-engineered pineal gland — upon my direct questioning.
Other insiders, including “Clark,” who had been feeding Richard C. Hoagland information for many years, revealed the same thing — and added even more. 
I knew this data was highly classified and highly dangerous to talk about, so I used Dr. Greer’s model of “Publicity is Protection”.
I worked all the data into a public talk that I had never delivered before, delivered it at the jam-packed Conscious Life Expo, turned it into a video within one month, and blew it out for free, on the Internet — in a big way.
The genie was now out of the bottle — and no measure of government monkey-business could put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
That December, 2012 Enigma became the #1 Most Viewed video on Google for an entire day — which was quite a surprise.
The most shocking aspect of this Disclosure is it proves that you already have a working stargate custom-built into your own brain.
The trick, really, is how to switch it on — and use it. Every ancient religion, including Christianity, discusses this.
Jesus says that “if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” in Matthew 6:22. The Book of Revelation speaks of the “Mark of the Beast” as a dark area on the forehead.
People who have little or no connection to their Higher Self would appear to have a dark spot on their forehead when you are looking at their “aura” — which apparently is quite easy to do within the realms of 3D time.
Many ancient prophecies suggest that our pineal glands will be “activated” by energetic changes that will occur at the end of this year, 2012.
Ultimately we may be able to create a “halo” around our heads — and fly up into it, teleporting ourselves wherever we choose to go.
The stories we’ve now inherited are like children’s crayon drawings of powerful ancient mysteries.
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