Hope this note finds you well.

Hey there, James! Hope this note finds you well. Looking forward to the arrival of ye ol’ neo cube 🙂:)… I just wanted to let you know that I listened to your broadcast from 11/11 and would like to reiterate you have to go ‘there’ yourself. You have to love yourself. Step one, it is, and you know you know it. Anyway… I’m but a random stranger who has had a peak into your psyche via your you tube videos. I see your innocence and purity of soul and a depth that you haven’t even begun to tap. Thank you for existing. If you don’t think it would be to weird,(like this message isn’t weird enough, right?). Also, the neo meditations are very well done, and the musical selections are wonderful. I already feel the torsion (sp?) field energies and the darned thing isn’t even here yet!! And just in case you are feeling discouraged, here’s a random poem I wrote last week, inspired, (go figure) by my personal journey of awakening. (But I can’t just tell anyone that, right?) 🙂:)

Gone full circle
And back to one.
Moving forward
To place begun.
At the sun dial
In the cross path
Where the wind winks
At the bird bath –
And the moon mocks
At the toc tic
…As the watch falls
From the woman’s wrist
And cracks beneath her pointed boot.
*Keep moving round to forward, my friend. I’m routing for your integration and healing and peace of soul.


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