Messages from Ascended Masters about Dec. 12, 2012

Messages from Ascended Masters about Dec. 12, 2012

Messages from Ascended Masters about Dec. 12, 2012 

I had been feeling that 12 12 2012 is going to be a more important date than 12 21 2012 and yesterday I got a direct transmission from Babaji that this is accurate. If you have been studying with me for a while, you know that the Christos (original organic design) energies always align and have to do with the number 12. 

For example, the Angelic Human DNA Template is designed to be a 12 strand pattern, with 12 chemicals, and 144 fire letters. There are 12 stargates on the Earth, 12 axiatonal lines, and 12 dimensions of energy available to the fully activated Diamond Sun DNA Template. 

Fibonacci numbers are NOT the natural design. They are from the Matrix. So the Matrix relies on 12 21 2012 as a way to project chaos and since we all have the power and the knowledge that 12 12 12 is the most important date, we can shift probable futures into those of harmony and peace, not chaos and conflict. 

Here is part of the message I received from my teacher Sri Babaji Nagaraj yesterday: 

Listen well 


most important date

more than 21 12 23 12 12 21 12 23
see that the numbers are fibonaccis!
the calendar is a code
on 12 12 12
the energies align with the DNA OF EARTH!
this day
you literally can reset
that day the earth will shift its shaman resonance
or schumann
however you all call it
this is the date we have been waiting for
the other dates
just watch the show
be in a neutral place
where there are no prophecies
no oil business
no arabs
no jews
no religious stuff
so I need thee Shiva to do a webinar about relationships before that date
all relationships are going to shift
I say on to thee
and you can quote me on this
those in relationship who do not align their purpose for the higher good
for the accretion of higher values, ethics and love filled missions
will perish
the era of the relationships that are there to give you what you need is over
relationships is in a sense a mission
to bring energies higher and higher
are a must
I leave this to you to organise
this is most important
Toby Alexander:
ok, thank you for this
more than any other activation
because the survival of the human race depends on coupleship
in togetherness
in “WE” focus
End of message
So it makes sense that we are having a global gathering in Cancun from Dec. 11 – 13 and that I am scheduled on 12 12 12 to do a massive global in person DNA activation for all attendees as well as the grids in Cancun and Chichen Itza on 12 13 12. Here is another relevant message that Ivonne Alexander (my wife) received and is an excerpt from her new book Unplugged: The Ascended Masters Speak. This book will be given to all participants at the Cancun live event:
Message 52
By Abraham
September 13, 2012 – 9:29 PM
When the fetus is growing the battle begins
at the level of soul existence.
Thousands of billions of beings collide.
Battles over battles to access the entrance towards the matrix.
Many interested in planting their own programs there.
Others interested to come join their already imprinted armies.
Mind is dormant , thou must awaken it.
Soul battle is well seen in the reflection of the amphibians on Earth.
Sounds of the oceans unlock soul potential.
Hidden in the depths of the center.
There are thousands of races waiting for a turn.
They all desire to exit.
The matrix won´t allow this,
as it feeds from conflict, fear, and control.
However, the happening of the projected time matrix will not take place.
The day of 12/21 and 22, and 23, and 24, and 25
an orchestrated projection screen
it will be just another ordinary day.
The portal opens up on 12-13 afterwards just watch
the theater of the fake scenarios of media:
Tel Aviv
All distracters as the stargates are moved from places.
An army of telekinetic beings has been created already
by the governments of your planet.
We shall come, and like the ancient texts we left here, that are but codes of instructions for exiting the matrix, we shall battle as well.
Read the Bhagavad Gita.
Speak the language of Sanskrit.
The most prefect language the matrix cannot decode.
Find it.
Attune with it.
Master the sound signature of thy voice.
Through it thy soul will ascend.
End of message
If you feel the call to be in a SAFE, NEUTRAL place on Earth during December and also be around like-minded HIGH FREQUENCY people and friends, then this is the last opportunity for you to register for the live 3 day Rebirthing in Joy Live Cancun Event. 
To register now, click below:
This is a ONCE IN AN EXISTENCE experience and those who feel the call will be rewarded with exactly what they require for their own evolutionary path of life.
Here is another message from Unplugged which validates the dates:
Message 45 :
By Grand Father Jaguar
September 12, 2012 – 10:50 PM
In the shadow of the serpent the death stars are allowed
to access earth cycles of completion and announcement of the new
years of perfect chronometry about to complete.
Oh dear souls.
Guard thy thoughts by meditation.
Guard thy tongue by presence language.
Guard thy actions by loving deeds.
Hide not thy shadow,
pretend not perfection.
For it is in vulnerable honesty that thou shall be granted
a space on the merkabah for ascension.
The jaguar, the eagle, the serpent, the armadillo, the deer, the dance!
All gather in one fire,
one circle,
to receive the star souls that traveled before to be trained in the arts of ascension.
The ancient race shall return through the same portal they left.
Be ready!
On 12/13/12 they will select the ones that can guide others into the initiation stages for resurrection of spirit.
The quetzal shall be back.
Tlaloc will pour songs of blessings.
And Xochitl shall pray for the children.
The brothers return.
The masters arrive.
The 144,000
A new constellation in the stars shall create.
Grand Father Jaguar
If you feel like you are one of the 144, 000 Indigos, it is essential that you be with us on Dec. 11-13. Looking forward to this magnificent gathering!~
To confirm your commitment now, please click below: 

See you in Cancun on Dec. 11. 

Much love and respect, 
Toby Alexander 


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