This is the creators knowledge we always had within. Easy to learn. New Russian transformation knowledge for healing and soul connection. Developing your intuition using the skills you were born to remember. Manifesting to the creators norm.

(Gateway  to Transformation by Russian founder Grigori Grabovoi)

Number Codes – Each color has a frequency from the light spectrum, the same can be said for numbers and number codes. In the new knowledge much can be achieved with

number codes each number has a special frequency and each number code has a particular sequence of frequency seen as vibrations. Apart from their own vibrations each number 

contains a code, a key of information which stands for a process and spiritual condition.

The regeneration of Health with Number Codes

Every number has a spiritual and energetic vibration structure, with its own effectiveness; completely independent of which language the number is spoken.  Such a vibration structure is behind every word and every sound.  The same applies to series of numbers, because each number vibrates in a certain frequency.  Series of numbers have their own correlating vibration structures.  Areas of your consciousness are connected with numbers.  By concentrating on numbers, vibrations will be activated in these areas.  Grigori Grabovoi has published two important books on this subject: “Regeneration of Health by concentrating on numbers” and “Methods of concentration for every day”.  Accordingly, the number is a solid method of control.  Numbers are also connected, by control, with the spiritual level.  Concentration on numbers helps the development of spirit and consciousness.  Number Codes help to structure our consciousness.  This is the bearer for control of our health and events.  While focusing on numbers you should be aware of your body by feeling and seeing it completely healthy.  This is important for a fast recovery to the NORM.  Be open to this creative process.  The goal is always the NORM.

The method of curing any diseases using Number Codes is as simple as it is effective.  In Grabovoi’s first book he names thousands of diseases and assigns each one a Number Code. These Codes may consist of five, seven, eight or nine digits.  For the control of events, ten, eleven or twelve digits exist.  While you focus on a specific Code, you heal yourself of this disease.  Naturally the question arises:  Why is the method as simple as it is effective?  Every illness is a deviation from the NORM.   The deviation can be expressed in various cells, in whole cells associations such as organs, or in functions of the whole organism.  The cure for the disease just means a return to the NORM.  The Codes provide this return.  While you focus on them, you are becoming adjusted to the state which is the NORM.  The result is the cure of the disease.

For a better understanding of the healing process here, read something about the vibration system and the ‘Pulse of the Universe”:  Each of us can hear our own heartbeat, and feel our pulse.  In our body every cell has its own rhythm.  There is also the rhythm of organs and their relationship to each other. Our life is rhythm.  Planets revolve in periodic orbits around the sun.  For the Earth, this means a constant change of the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, high and low tide, dry and rainy seasons.  The earth rotates on its axis and we experience this as day and night.   At the micro-cosmos level the same happens: Electrons revolve in defined orbits and rhythmic movements around the atomic nucleus.
We can compare our organism with an orchestra, in which musicians play a harmonious piece of music by playing notes.  A piece of music played by an orchestra sounds different to when played by individual musicians playing their respective instruments.  In this case sound effects of the individual depend on the melody played and on the sound of the instrument.  This can trigger very different emotions in the listener.  If a single musician in the orchestra plays a wrong note, then he disrupts the harmony of the whole orchestra.  The same happens in our organism.  The rhythm of each cell disrupts or harmonises the whole organism.  Therefore, the sound in our body should always be harmonious.  When a cell of the body differs from the NORM, it means the emergence of a disharmony of the whole – as a result, a disease.  We are the conductor of this orchestra who can restore the harmony in the body.

We can also observe rhythm where it cannot be detected at first sight.  Let’s look at a rainbow.  We see the beautiful bright colours.  What are these colours from a scientific point of view?  Our perception of colour is based on the effect of electromagnetic waves with different frequencies.  The frequency of the colour “purple”, for example, is doubling the frequency of the colour “red”.  Depending on our perception of colours we find different frequencies, vibrations.  Each colour is assigned to a specific frequency.  All the images for example, in television are just a mixture of three colours, red, green and blue.  The optimal image for us is created when each of the three colours appears in the right proportions and the correct brightness.  Each new colour from the spectrum therefore prduces its own effect.  The same can be said of Number Codes. Each number has a special frequency and each Number Code has a particular sequence of frequencies, seen as vibrations.
Apart from its own vibration each number contains a code, a key-information, which stands for the spiritual condition of process: 

1.    Beginning
2.    Effect, Action
3.    Result, Completion, Fulfilment
4.    Interaction, Connection with the outside world
5.    Interaction, Connection with the inner world
6.    Base or Light
7.    The Power of Love
8.    Time
9.    The Number of the Creator
0.    Transition, the transitional space in which something changes its quality (sero space). 
Transformation of all towards the creator.

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  1. Bhabatosh das said:

    your concept is more clear but there is no time.. I can prove it.we waste our time to solving the time
    there is only dimensions. in due time that is called sequence we are using dimension already.. why not there is a time travelling machine.. i can solved it. I solved 1+1=3 complex math in real math.

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