Loose Weight Now Neo Meditation

Hello Sir,

I’m from Mumbai, India. I have been a student of regenerating cells and pranic healing. I totally adore your technology and have started inputting various number in my patients and me too and it has worked largely, but one question I have presently, is that, I’ve been putting in ‘Weight Loss’ numbers in my body since a month, but no change has been felt or seen. I want to know why is this taking place, and what can I do to make it work?
Thank You.


Many people put on weight as a form of protection. Think of it as body armor. Maybe in a past life they lived a life full of hunger and now they don’t want to be without. Or maybe in this life  during their childhood a caretaker or loved one put them in a situation where they were vulnerable so they eat to psychically protect themselves. They need to come to terms of the source of their need to wear body armor in order to let the numbers or any healing modality take hold.

When i re-read what you wrote I also think perhaps you have a psychic block that prevents you from healing yourself. Many shamans have this problem we are naturally gifted healers but when it comes to healing ourselves he have so little ego we are literally unable to heal ourselves. You might need to seek assistance with a friend. Ask them to do some work with healing you. And also don’t be afraid to give yourself a little bit of ego and accept that it is okay to heal yourself.

When i use numbers such as radionics i see a spinning sphere with the number in it then bring it into each chakra and see the number in each chakra then in the aura as a whole. Here is a technique you can try and modify with your practice. 


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