Super Bowl Blackout

James I want to show this to you

There is no way the power outage at the super bowl was an accident. But if it really was divine intervention then I must have played a part in it by manifesting it with the neo. I’m in total awe! I even went down to detail as I interacted with the neo and requested it to send positive vibrations to the superdome which was 729.09 miles away from my house. I specifically said that all beings who were in the Superdome were going to walk out safely just like they came in.

A power outage occurring in a middle of a high-profiled event as big as the superbowl is extremely rare and just doesn’t happen with all the preparation that goes into a superbowl. 

It seems that the neo will manifest whatever the user desires as long as the intentions are based from the heart and soul instead of the ego. At least this is from my experience. But keep in mind that other people knew about this too so it may have been a collective manifestation. Looks like the dark cabal are running out of options. Their time is running up.



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