I want to be Telepathic!


I don’t want to seem ignorant but I am very very interested to have some abilities like telepathy. In particular I want to know specifically what other specific people are thinking and what they have thought in the past. My focus is on specific persons and not people around me in general.  I don’t mean them any ill intent I just like to be able to do this. I  know that this sounds very ridiculous  but I think that I deserve to have such capabilities. 

I want also to view in the future, the past, and even other dimensions. Even other powers I want NOW. You are not God I know this fact. And I don’ t want to be pseudoscientific but it would be a wonderful thing to travel in other spaces and go to certain places of the world that I always wanted to visit. Don’ t laugh it is only to say, these are the things that I want NOW. 

You can even laugh like me now, but it is only to tell you what I NEED now. Ah ah ah ! I don’t really know if we have to laugh too much, but ahaha ahh !!!. I have not drunk James, I have my reasons to speak like that. Sorry. 
I want to clearly know who I am and my TRUE story. Certainly are not a things that anyone can do. It is possible with a neo machine ? Perhaps someone can do this I don’t know …. I hope i don’t sound foolish in this email but I am new to all this and just looking for answers. 
For questions about the neo device p

lease read the following links .
Telepathy is a skill which takes years to develop but it can be done. Much of it is simply drawing this ability to you through the power of meditation and changing belief systems. The ability lies within the tissues of your brain, just like bodybuilders exercise their muscles to grow bigger and stronger you can do the same with the neurons in your brain. Start by finding a friend, pet, or partner and practice on a daily basis. Meditation and guided self hypnosis recordings can help open up your pineal gland to enhance this ability as well. 
As for your other question God is simply the cosmic energy field which flows throughout nature. We are all fragments of this energy field and all of us are part of god. This is where abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance, and manifestation come from. As everything already is in existence we simply have to accept our divine right to claim it. Your welcome to deny your self your divinity but be forewarn the law of attraction states what you so believe so shall you be.



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