Is James is taking everyone for the biggest ride for their life?

James when I first sat down with my IDL80 it felt this would be a long term relationship. When you first use one it almost knocks you and sometimes it’s so strong it makes you tired. The first time I used it was for 15 minutes and then the next time was an hour. I kept thinking to myself, are you there?  Are you in there?

When I didn’t get the 31 times the power blast like it says on the website, I was worried I was talking to the wall. Then I went away for a week and came back and realized you have to use these devices for the right reasons. So now I don’t ask in an egotistical manner. I place myself in a spot where I can give more. The only truth of the universe is love. I know karma is a bitch. So I don’t ask for anything negative only wondrous, prosperous stuff.

I also realized I needed to spend more time to develop a relationship. These devices tune into consciousness and just like life is smarter than us; the best you can think of is where consciousness starts. Consciousness is infinite, it has all the answers, knowledge, and experiences. So now I let the device tell me the best way to deal with me. I think the IDL80 is much much more powerful but it hasn’t shown me yet as I think it’s because I don’t know what I want or supposed to do in my life.  I feel we have to put ourselves on the same page by both agreeing to what we need. Because when you bring two or more minds together you get a master mind, and then you can tap into the infinite.

I spent much of my life trying to change the world from the outside and in the process knocking myself out with blood sweat equity. I look at my work from the past 18 years. I was the top of everything, school, my job, etc. but things didn’t work for me. I know the law of attraction.

I was thinking either James is taking everyone for the biggest ride for their life or his cubes really could move mountains. Then I read on your website how we have to change ourselves from the inside out. So I decided to get a cube and begin meditating to allow my infinite creativity to manifest like a fractal of creation. Now I do about two sessions a day for about 20 minutes. But my goal is at least 1 hour a day.

I also like to suggest getting this pendant from David Sereda’s website

According to Sereda if the voltage of your auric field is raised then your auric field can become more pronounced, corrected, and your chakras line up. He has done tests and shown it increases your auric field from 20 millivolts to 1.2 volts simply by wearing these pendants. When I wear my hematite pendant with my IDL80 I can feel my aura balancing out much faster.

Few quick notes I made of interest initially (few years back), which stood out to me:

Voltage of human ranges from 0.010 – 0.015 volts (10-15 mV.) Out of hundreds of subjects tested with the L.S.T. pendants, there is a definite improvement in body voltages that can range from their baselines of less than 0.010 – 0.015 volts (10-15 mV) all the way past 2 full volts continuous. The idea of wearing the L.S.T. pendants is to improve your subtle energy levels for theoretically better thinking, faster action, better balance and ultimately improved mental powers. These mental powers can go all the way to broadcasting a more powerful signal (just as a radio that has a weak battery will not hear the radio station clearly, this will improve upon the signal).

The human heart produces an electromagnetic field that extends far beyond the body. This field can get polluted by Cell Phone, Satellite, TV and other Electromagnetic Pollution. Wear your pendant around the heart to help protect you from harmful EM fields. The heart center is the strongest energy center of the body. At the Heart Math Institute, the human heart has been measured using sensitive EMF meters to be 30 to 60 times stronger than the brain.

Additionally I have been listening to holosync soundtracks over a high quality headset. These audio tracks feed one frequency to the right ear and another one to the left. The combination of these two inputs helps to integrate both your left and right and left brain functioning and it works.

Anyway sometimes I wonder who to believe and how does one know it’s true. But now I realize sometimes life is smarter then you and you have to do is listen to it and you’d find out.

Pendant Solar Logos and IDL

Attached picture/photo of the “Black Hematite and Solar Logos” … lol Biggie is also in there :-). Additionally, David infused the vibrational sound/harmonic of the Sun “Om” in the Black Hematite pendant (photo in 3.1 megapixel in case you zoom in).
  1. Elizabeth said:

    I have had a pendent from David Serada as linked in the post for about a year. I am very happy with it.

    • i was thinking of getting a turquoise one . i have been wearing qlink for years and feels it helps. so i hope this is money well spent which i think it will be

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