Ascension Tools

Check these ascension tools now i haven’t tried any of these nor am i making any money by sharing this with you but others who have used these items recommend them .  Of course I am sure none of them work as powerful as the NEO 🙂


An interesting t shirt design. Cant vouch they actually work or not but thought I would share anyway.

Bioresonant® is a scientifically developed method of color stimulation. Results of measurements of human bio-energy field using bio-electrography seem to indicate that such a stimulation can initiate positive and systematic improvements to human bio-energy state.

Bioresonant T-shirt


MCEO Jewelry is inspired by the Eckasha Crown Veca Code, and the Heart of the God Seed, the Reuche at the Eckasha’s center, the most powerful of all Geomancies/ Ascension and Star Gate Navigation Tools recently returned to humanity.  Each piece is made in the Bali, Indonesia of Pure Sterling Silver. More than talismans or decorative toys, these pieces are Beings resonating with their quintessential ascension properties (mathematical programs) conveyed in silver, invoking the D-12 Maharata Current and the properties of the true, organic, Divine Blueprint.


The full Eckasha “God Seed” pendant itself, in all it’s Sacred Power, intricacy and elegance.  Approx.  2 inches overall height featuring each of the 12 Dimensional levels with 35 additional, intricate Codes, which comprise the full Eckasha God Seed. Recommended for Ceremonial and Healing applications as well as simply embedding the Full Spectrum of the Time Matrix into the personal template via wearing it against your physical body. Hand Crafted of Pure Sterling Silver in the USA. Chain not included.


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