Corporate Bitch To Shaman

Corporate Bitch to Shaman is my story, my journey over the six years 2004 to 2010, from the role of corporate bitch to shaman and energy healer. It is interwoven with the scientific and medical knowledge that I discovered as I struggled to rationally validate the experiences I was having.

Much of what I have discovered along the way I would have labelled as ridiculous nonsense a decade ago. But if we don’t ask the right questions we don’t get the right answers! And a decade ago I was definitely not asking the kinds of questions I focus on today.

On my journey over the last eight years I have attended many amazing courses and have worked with a wide variety of teachers and therapists, from many different cultures and belief systems. I have travelled to North America, Central America, South America, India, Thailand and Laos, studying and working with shamans from different tribes, Buddhists, Hindus, Tantrikas, psychotherapists from different schools and a huge variety of energy healers.

I am not a physicist, a biologist, a yogi or a psychologist. The scientific, medical and mystical research that I have pulled together is taken from many academic sources across many disciplines. I make no apology for this. There is too much information on this planet for any one person to investigate or become expert in more than a fraction of it first-hand. I have tried to use some of the gifts of being a corporate bitch, including my journalistic techniques, enquiring mind and tenacity, to put together various pieces of the jigsaw into a coherent whole. However I have credited all the primary sources that I’ve gained my knowledge from and encourage the interested reader to follow up in these varied fields.

The scientific and medical knowledge presented in my book is available to those that know where to look, but it is not widely taught. Much of it remains in academia. That is partly because some of it is difficult intellectually and challenging to the way we perceive the world works. It is partly because the latest findings on the links between our widely defined ‘environment’ (including our family, what we eat, the toxins we inhale, the lifestyle we choose and what we think) and our health, give us far more choice over our health than the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies would have us believe.

I believe this knowledge needs to be embedded into our educational system, our media and our healthcare system to allow each one of us to step into our full potential as co-creators of our lives and our health, rather than being victims of our conditioning and circumstances.
So, I invite you to join me as I describe my journey from corporate bitch to shaman and I hope you will be intrigued and challenged as you follow my journey and my discoveries of how 21st century science is evolving to validate the ancient healing wisdoms of the indigenous peoples around the world.


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