It is always good to meditate before sleep!

For some reason,after deep meditations & neo meditations, the human body is left with fatigue & draining of energy, so it is always good to meditate before sleep, because sleep is another form of meditation, i’ve studied forms of REM & DMT Because i am completely fascinated about the dream world, by & by i am finding the true reality within dreams, aka “the link”.. by the way for users & customers out there, James Rink is the real deal, long story short, i ordered for a neo, & was awaiting its arrival like any other consumer, so one day i wanted to track my package, “with the feeling of knowing it was arriving that very day”, i called james, & he picked up in the flesh, told me my skullem was arriving that very day…. James one day we will be sitting across the table from one another, discussing more ideas on human ascension & growth of all humanity…


To get your own Skullem click here


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