Neo Mind Meditation Tools

I do meditate, although not as often as I should, and had been looking for a way to revitalize my meditations.

I was extremely fortunate to receive a Neologicaltech Neo Meditation Cube, and have been using it daily for almost two weeks now.

It has intensified my meditations by at least 200%. James Rink has archived guided meditations on his site at; the meditations are anywhere from 12 minutes to over 20 minutes. His voice is soothing and easy to follow; the guided meditations have really increased my ability to view things remotely, make contact with angelic beings, manifest and more!

From James’ site:


A Neo is a meditation assistance device. In order to feel the effect we recommend you meditate with it for a minimum of 11 minutes a day but advanced users should aim for 15 to 60 minutes per day. If you do not meditate with the device on a regular basis you will not gain the benefits as described. Their are three types of Neo’s; Neo Skullem, Neo Gatekey, and the Neo Infinity, all of which contain human hair fortified with crystals such as lemurian quartz, topaz, tourmaline, onyx, moldovite, agate; as well as rare earth monatomic elements such as iridium, palladium, rhodium, and much much more. All cores are placed inside a gold plated egg shell. The Egg shape is a spherical implosive biological capacitor which due to its torrid or ovoid shape squeezes consciousnesses energy which are your thought forms from the gravity field and implodes at light speed into gravity wells similar to tornadoes inside of tornadoes. This compression creates a glue which molds our reality. This is why the pineal gland and pine cone is shaped like a torrid and why new life emerges from this shape in the form of a egg. Hence giving us the word “Neo” or “Birth.”

The reason why the Pineal Gland plays such a critical role in psychic manifestation is because it operates our bodies own hyper dimensional stargate. Stargates allow one to travel between space and time and throughout multiple universes and density levels. This is more than just time travel its interdimensional travel. Your star gate pineal gland functions by use of microclusters found in ordinary water. These are clumps of atoms of piezoelectric calcite crystals that appear as plutonic geometric shapes in tune with sacred geometry. Crystals become piezoelectric when they are stressed or vibrate and generates an electrical voltage.

Additionally the pineal gland contains biological information stored within the crystalline structure of DNA, which makes it like cerebrospinal fluid. When this liquid is shielded off from all interfering electromagnetics the pineal gland can invert the reality of time/space creating a resonate gateway portal.”

Read balance of article here.

Some of the benefits of using the cube are increasing the size of the pineal gland, expanding your psychic abilities, building muscle, increasing memory, increasing intelligence, wealth manifestation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, increased athletic performance, de-aging, and much more!   James has live meditations on Friday nights and gives instructions, tips and new ideas for meditating with the Neo Cube on his site, and his blog.

For those of you who are wondering “how do I meditate?” or “how can I benefit more from my meditations?,”  you will find these devices, and the site will provide many answers.

Please check it out.


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