I love meditating with the cube

Hello James

My granddaughter, is 8 and meditated with the Neo Skullem crystal skull and she heard humming and her ear started to heal and so did my nose.

I am getting more information of what happened to me when i was younger. Like the man that was put in my life for 6 and a half years, was put there to protect me and he also knew what had happened to me with the abductions even though I never told him anything. I am also getting some memories of being on a Marine speed boat and being transported on an Army plane. And people trying to kill me over the years when I was driving a car. And being on some Army base. Than sometimes I don’t want to know what happened to me. But I will know everything that happened so I can know how to pray for others.
I love meditating with the cube. It gets better each time I use it. But lately it seems like when I committed to go back to meditating, I keep getting distracted by doing other things not allowing me to have any time to myself.
Meditate first thing in the morning that way you wont be distracted. Sounds like you are starting to heal in many ways!

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