Intermingling Energies

James I found your creations interesting and was thinking of giving it a try myself–what held me of was the hair–because as sensitive people you would be intermingling the energy of that person with yours–now if you made it specifically for the person with their own hair sample–I would be more comfortable with the idea.  I know creative shamans have used organic matter such as animal hear in energy tools to pull in the strength or attributes of the animal but people are far too sensitive nowadays  for this.. So this was a intuitive hit and also something about adding a crystal powder for grounding.

All in all sounds very unique and a worthwhile project–so good luck and hope you use discernment on my advice–just ideas as this is your vision.

One Heart



Dear A. 

I believe you misunderstand how much hair goes into these units. If you don’t mind shaving off all your hair and saving it for the next five years then by all means go for it.

I don’t quite understand this fear of mingling with others energies.DNA is a holographic in nature. The smallest fragment contains a representation of the whole. There is no separation, the lord is one. All life has the same DNA. The dormant codons termed by modern scientists as “Junk DNA” when activated in this 3D reality is all that stands between the difference between you and I.

The neo operates based on consciousness energy which is derived from thought formation. Dormant DNA codons can be changed through both sound and thought frequency so it doesn’t matter whose DNA is in the unit , simply tell the dormant DNA codons you want to use to activate and increase and it is so.

By limiting your belief system and thinking other fragments of god are of less value then your own is reflection of egotistical fears.


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