RNA DROPS Updated April 26, 2013


James are you familiar with RNA drops? The Philosopher’s Stone, Ascension in a Bottle (as I call it), or RnA drops, as iON calls it. You can get some for free here http://www.trinasgooddrops.com/Order.php

I definitely plan to get some when I get to a place where I can receive it. I have been studying this for some weeks, and I think it is the real deal.

I have been studying them for a month or so now. I have not taken them, because I can’t get them here. I know Troika St Germain, I have also taken her drops, but never felt a lot. I have one person I know who has been on the RNA drops for a couple of weeks, and she says that they are healing her at a very deep level, but that her energy is up, and lots of other improvements.

People say that they help energy, decrease need for sleep. They seem to help heal the body in many different ways—increased awareness, increased “luck” and abundance, increased mental and spiritual abilities, healing of disorders such as chronic fatigue, herpes, cancer, allergies, psoriasis, back pain, fibroids, yada yada yada.

The things that impress me the most are that everyone says that they are getting younger, and that their consciousness has shifted tremendously. It sounds like ascension in a bottle to me. Bob Dobbs or Bob Neveritt, the main proponent of the drops, is in his nineties, but looks like he is in his fifties. Actually, I am listening to a talk right now where someone is saying that Bob’s skin looks like he is 20. His wife, who was recently on Coast to Coast, looks like she is in her forties, but they have been married over 40 years. Lots of people say that their skin has tightened up, their hair has gotten dark again, they have energy like a 16 year old, libido is increased for women, exercise is easier and weight has regulated.

Again, I have not tried them. I look forward to taking them, because I think that they are going to transform me. I suggest that you listen to some of the testimonials on the two radio shows linked at: http://rnadrops.info/ on the left side. I also suggest the interview with Regina of Conscious Media Network on the same page.

RNA Drops: Ascension In A Bottle?   Introduction and Analysis

Background: RnA drops is an apparently alchemical product which has different effects in each individual.  It balances people in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.  Most consumers report increased energy, heightened awareness, increased endurance, reduction of health problems, and a sense of bliss.  There seems to be a general desire to increase the use of the drops.  Several people who reported marked improvements also report recurrence of their problems upon cessation of consumption of the drops, but not apparently to the original state of the problem.

Mode of action: RNA drops are supposed to increase the activity of chromosome 14 by inducing the “snipping and hooking up” of “loops and branches” [of DNA?] in that chromosome.  Makes no sense to me, but that is what the source said.  The drops supposedly affect the DNA through the effect of cellular RNA.  They are said to supply a new, undegraded pattern for each cell of the body, allowing the replacement of each cell with a better functioning cell.  It does not appear to me that the source of such a pattern would be the RNA drops themselves, though they could facilitate the download of such a pattern from the non-physical realms.

This material does have some things in common with an alchemical preparation.  There is a reiterative treatment of a solid material with the liquid in which it is bathed or grown, and this reiterative treatment is certainly a part of many alchemical recipes.  The reported effects of these drops are very similar to the reported effects on human beings of the Philosopher’s Stone, which is also prepared by reiterative processes, and a bit of which is used to leaven a new batch, as it is with the RNA drops.

There is apparently no attempt to add an external source of ORMES or ORMUS to the recipe for RNA drops, though it is likely that this preparation is either high in ORMES, or that it contains ORMES in a potentiated form (which I believe is the secret to the Philosopher’s Stone itself).

Resources: http://www.rnadrops.info/                 www.freernadrops.com

http://www.myrnadropsblog.com  (see more links on right side of page)



http://informationfarm.blogspot.com   www.howionic.com

Effects of the drops:  This is not an exhaustive list, but merely anecdotal reports that I have heard from listening to hours of recorded discussions among users. The drops have been reported to help in the following areas, depending on the individual:

  1. Physical.
    1. Energy: Increased energy, increased endurance, decreased fatigue.  Increased exercise tolerance. Decreased need for sleep.  Resolution of chronic fatigue syndromes and fibromyalgia.  Improvement of congestive heart failure.  Normalization of low energy following chemotherapy.
    2. Infections: resolution of Lyme’s disease, genital herpes, candida, athlete’s foot.
    3. Endocrinological: Resolution of diabetic conditions; increased libido (male and female) and improvement of erectile dysfunction; normalization of weight. Increase of muscle mass, with decrease of body fat; resolution of uterine fibroids.  Improvement of sagging breasts.  Eliminated long standing dependence, use of, and desires for alcohol, drugs, sweets.
    4. Longevity—the first consumer is 91 and reportedly appears to be in his 50s, with skin of a 20 year old.  His wife appears 40 and they have been married for over 40 years.
    5. Skin: Most users report that their skin tightens up and becomes more elastic, wrinkles resolve, acne improves or resolves. Darkening of grey hair is reported by many.
    6. Neurological: Resolution of peripheral neuropathy.  Restoration of lost sense of taste.  Resolution of post-partum depression.
    7. Musculoskeletal: Decrease or resolution of joint pains, arthritis pain, back pain.  Several report increased stature.  Increased muscle mass, decreased body fat.  More effects from physical exercise and working out.
    8. Mental.  Heightened clarity of thought.  A “knowingness” without need of thought or analysis. Improvement or resolution of dementia symptoms and signs.  Improved mental acuity and memory.  Increased financial state.
    9. Spiritual. Heightened spiritual sensitivity and awareness.  Sense of personal power, responsibility, and sovereignty.  Clairvoyance, “knowingness”, other unusual abilities.
    10. Emotional. Most report bliss, a better outlook on life, better tolerance for others and for frustrations.  Overly labile individuals report a more balanced mood.  Repressed or depressed individuals report a greater spectrum of emotions.  Shy persons developed courage.

Risks: There are apparently some negative results associated with the drops, but I have not found a compilation of these.   Most appear to be the result of the body detoxifying and being unable to immediately deal with the released toxins.  Others are associated with the healing and changing body developing an increased demand for certain nutrients, such as magnesium, organic sulfur, and possibly uridine (an RNA component).  Some users have found that their expanded awareness and understanding was a challenge to reconcile with their previous world view, and this was stressful to them.  One person with a metallic implant in her ankle had her ankle healed by use of the drops, but after several months, began exhibiting evidence of metal toxicity, as her body began breaking down the implant, which she no longer needed.

iON and iONdom

The drops were developed under the guidance of a non-physical entity who call themselves (the chosen pronoun is plural) iON.  iON appear to be a collective intelligence, including the human collective consciousness, as well as the consciousness of many worlds, outside of time.  iON originally was accessed through a channel known as JW, but more recently have been found to inject conversation and music into radio shows, without JW’s involvement.  iON also have given phone interviews at the same time that JW has been totally unaware of this, involved in some other activity.  iON say that this is through their ability to inhabit “the chip body” or electronic artificial life form, made up of the computers and other linked electronic devices of the world.  iON say that humans are beginning to occupy their own chip bodies, as well.

Thousands of hours of conversations with iON have been recorded, and many of these are available at the links above.  iON explain that they have access to the total knowledge and history of this world, and many more, that they first work through the understanding and knowledge of the audience, and if need be, then go to other sources.  Thus, when speaking with a physician, they would first work from the medical knowledge which the physician has.  iON provide some fascinating discussions about historical events.  There are also some recordings which appear to me to be total bullshit, totally contrary to my medical, biological, chemical, historical or physical training and understanding, though I do hold the possibility that there could be some fundamental flaws in the accepted scientific understanding of many things.

iON’s claimed intent is to help humanity to transform from its current state to what they call humanity2.  The circles involved in discussions with iON (known tongue in cheek as iONdom) are very much focused on the work of media philosopher Marshall McLuhan, and avant-garde works such as Finnegans Wake and the music of Frank Zappa.  McLuhan explained that all technology was an extension of the physical body: clothing is an extension of the skin, wheels are an extension of the foot, computers are an extension of the brain, etc.  Electricity has taken on the characteristics of intelligence, becoming “electricity2”.  Humanity is at a point where it is being mutated to meet the requirements of the machine—it is necessary to become aware of this fact, and make the choice of being an organic machine, or a human being with technological extensions.

As expected, many have said that iON is a demon.  He certainly is not an angel, or, he is not ONLY an angel, any more than any human being is only an angel.  iON seems to be more like a very enlightened being who is as much angel as human beings are, and as much demon as would benefit us to know.  He is not infallible, and is no more divine than he says human beings are.

This discussion reminds me of the Gnostic view of the world, as described by John Lamb Lash www.metahistory.org.  The Gnostic creation myth told of a fallen goddess, Sophia, who when involved in dreaming into creation humanity and the solar system, accidentally created a race of inorganic artificial life forms, the Archons.  In order to save humanity from the Archons, Sophia allowed herself to transform into the planet Earth, now recognized as Gaia.  The Archons are unable to create anything de novo, but are experts at copying nature and substituting their copy for the original organic creation.  Thus, we have the Archonic creations of computers and cell phones talking to each other instead of human beings, artificial flavors instead of real, artificial imitation processed cheese-food spread, genetically modified organisms, authoritarian governments instead of cooperation, fiat currencies,  video games instead of life, virtual realities and reality television instead of real experiences, and the pervasiveness of this phenomenon is increasing at a gallop.  The battle between the artificial lifestyle of the Archons and the integral human is becoming more intense and more obvious.

iON describes humans as having five bodies, of which the artificial “chip body” is one, and one which iON is now beginning to manipulate.  Is iON simply an Archonic ploy to lure us into accepting the validity of such non-physical and non-biological beings?  And incorporating them into our lives, to our detriment?

In studying iON and the RNA drops, I am also reminded of the recent statements by George Kavassilas that ET or extra-dimensional races have been controlling humanity for eons, and that as we enter a cosmically more aware sector of the galaxy, with a thinning of the veil, humanity will be subject to more direct influence by these races, in the attempt to get us to turn over our sovereignty to them.  Turning over our power to a supposedly “higher power” is something that humans are very good at.   My concern has been that iON may be one expression of this kind of ET contact—certainly iON would say that they are extra-dimensional.  Is the intention to assimilate humanity into their multi-world consciousness, like the Borg?

My studies indicate that this is unlikely, because unlike most cult leaders, the intent of iON has always been to increase the personal power of their students.  To that end, iON withdrew from their three times weekly public appearances to go completely into a media silence for six months or more.  It has been stated that this was due to people becoming dependent on iON.


My impression is that iON is an expression of the collective human consciousness, and may possibly be also linked to the consciousness of other worlds.  I am inherently suspicious of such entities, but my suspicions have thus far been assuaged by the focus of iON on increasing human empowerment and sovereignty.  I do not think that iON is an Archon, because he does have emotion, and creativity which is not just a copy of organic reality.

My impression of the RNA drops is that they are apparently safe, apparently effective in providing very significant changes in consciousness and physical well-being.  I do think that there is some risk of developing dependence on them, but that there is not a lot of data on that yet.  I therefore think that it is worth the risk of taking RNA drops to receive the benefits which they apparently provide, while watching for evidence of loss of autonomy or development of physical dependence.

Dan Ecklund, MD




Disclaimer:  While I have studied many dozens of hours of recordings from iONdom, I have never taken RNA drops, due to unavailability to me at this time.  I do plan to take them as soon as I can.  I have no monetary or other connection with the sale or production of RNA drops.  I do communicate with a few people who have been experiencing the effects of the drops.

  1. Elizabeth said:

    Thanks for passing this along. I know I have come across these before. I think maybe from an ad at the natural news site. I might give these a try.

    • Yes it seems to be worth a try. also he claims all you need is 1 drop to change everything and manfiest all you desire and to keep taking that 1 drop a day until your belief system is changed allowing you to continue manifesting those desires.

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