Breaking Contracts

James remember the hair that you placed inside the Neo..and someone raised an objection about it..? It’s the DNA.  We carry all kinds of densities in our DNAs. This guy who objected did not want those.  

What I know is that most of these densities  do not belong to us. Some might be the work of those nefarious ETs or they might be natural transfers of information from those who shared our DNAs in the past, present,in-between  and future incarnations and timelines.  It is logical that these  information sharing goes back and forth.  Hah…!  This is  how we ascend our genetic lines. We can erase the densities and replace them with light codes, then release them  to our genetic lineage. Presto…!  Our  family  get better without them being conscious about it.   The Neo might be a good medium to transfer these light information to our bodies and to all our genetic family.  Among other things,Neo has a platinum in it.  The chemical Ruthenium  ,in the Platinum family, can open up the DNA and can reprogram it.  We have to give it the program. I already have it. What do you think..?

It appears that the only way for me to release these critters is thru breaking these contracts everyday. One of my healers removed this bar code already,but the entities keep flocking to me. It appears they have no respect for contracts or no contract. When I command and dissolve these agreements,  these entities become etheric. I still feel them flitting around my legs but they could not get a bite on me. Isn’t that strange..?


Makes sense hair contains many trace elements including the platinum group metals. And DNA can be programmed for anything really. Its all about influencing thoughts and reality.


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