Neo User Feedback – Proper Posture

James I only have positive things to say about my IDL80. Its an amazing device and very powerful chi generator.. i can feel my hands pulsing and receiving lots of energy. I have also experienced more lucid dreaming and deeper meditations. Today I meditated for 1 hour reciting a mantra and I could feel mini electric shocks in my palms. It was awesome ! thank you. Its great i would like to know if you have or if your planing to make a bigger device than the idl80 ?

Hi James I am now using my IDL80 and i have a question… I have been using it in a lotus position over my legs and I feel a lot of energy in my hands… is it necessary to put my feet on the ground ? and why ? Thank-You! blessings

We have a more powerful version soon to be available but it can be dangerous if your not ready for it.. I recommend you learn to control all of your emotions before graduating to next level.  

Its so you don’t fall asleep. Its very tempting for those new to meditation to fall asleep and I admit that I do make that mistake from time to time. So just keep in mind the proper state of meditation is like a deep day dream for extended periods of time. You can sit on a bed in a lotus position if you prefer. The both feet on the floor position is when you are sitting in a chair.- James Rink

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