The Arc of the Covenant

   In Voyagers Volume-2, the “Arc of the Covenant” (of Palaidor) is describe as “a portal passage between  D-2 Earth and the D-9 Andromeda (USG-9) system” that was created by Emerald Covenant Guardian groups840,000 years ago, to enable the 3rd Seeding of the Angelic Human lineage on Earth. The “Ark of the Covenant big gold box” that has been part of humanity’s legendary heritage and for which many have quested since ancient times, is a large box that was created after the 9558BC fall of Atlantis to house the radioactive “Rod and Staff” star gate/portal-opening tools. Both the Arc (think electrical “arc”) and the Ark (think “gold box”) are real in tangible, physical terms.

 The physical Rod and Staff tools were given as a gift to the Maji Grail Line Races here, the Indigo Races, to allow them to open the Gates to the Inner Ecka Universes, so they could go back and forth between here and Inner Earth in the ancient times.    They were given as a gift to the Guardians of Earth to be able to keep an open relationship with the Inner Earth Ecka people after the Fall of Atlantis in 9558 B.C..   Together, they allow people to open the Gates when D12 is not available on the planet, as was the case between 208,216BC and 2000AD.   They create a modulation field, to allow certain people entrusted with them to open the Gates.  These tools were charged with frequency from the Ecka Universes.   The 12 Commandments were the Psonn Tones and the symbol projections,  the Stanz, that were used.

 What people have been seeking throughout recorded history has been the ability either to conquer the Templar or to heal the Templar. 

 The existence and history of the Arc/Ark has been shrouded in mystery since the Arc passage was last fully opened to the Universal-Veca level by the Inner Ecka Earth Eieyani, to evacuate groups of people in 9558BC just before the pole shift and final deluge of the Atlantian Islands.

 Certain groups of Maji Grail Line descent “Indigo” races of various regions of Earth were entrusted by the Eieyani to carry pieces of the Arc/Ark knowledge, in order to preserve this wisdom for the time when it would likely be needed during the 2000-2017AD SAC. During the late 500s AD “King Arthur” and his Celtek-Druedek Maji Grail Line held the secrets of the Arc passage and guardianship of the Ark Box. The Kathars(“Cathari/Cathars” historically) of Montsegur France held the Arc knowledge, as did certain Celtek (“Celtic”), Native AmericanGreek, Indian, Chinese and Hawaiian Grail Lines. The history of the Arc of the Covenant portal passage and the Halls of Amenti Star Gate system through which the Arc portal interfaces with Earth is core to the identity and heritage of Earth’s Angelic Human lineage.

 The real, inner Rod and Staff are energy configurations within the planetary and universal body and our own physical bodies.   There is a whole string of interrelated frequency activations that are going to take place really rapidly.   The real Rod and Staff are the ones that are alive within your body.   When you have the inside ones you don’t need the outside ones.    A full discussion of the Rod and the Staff, also the Arc of the Covenant, is available in the FTR workshop of February 2003.


The Arc of the Covenant, the “Golden Fleece” Wave-field and the “Cloak of Invisibility

 The “Arc of the Covenant” is an extremely specialized Universal-Galactic-Planetary Shields Program that when fully activated allows for full, rapid, expedited activation of the Universal Krist Flame Body (Re: “Dance for Freedom” Program).

 Through full, rapid activation of the “Krist”, portions of the Shields that can “hold the Arc Codes” are able to temporarily enter a period of “hyper-dimensional suspension” within the Universal Flame Body. This specialized Shield Program allows portions of a Shield holding activated “Shield of the Arc (of the Covenant) Codes” to directly enter the “13th-Pillar Eternal Amoraea Flame“. When the Arc of the Covenant Shield Program is activated, portions of the Shield that can enter the “13th-Pillar” are temporarily frequency-sealed into the Eternal Amoraea Central Flame. The sealed Shield-portion is energetically held separate from, while remaining connected to, damaged Shield portions. Sealing within the 13th-Pillar creates an impermeable “Force Field“, called a Trans-Harmonic Hyper-dimensional Radial Body Capsule, around the sealed Shield portions. The “Force Field” buffer created by full activation of the Arc of the Covenant passage and Shield Program is known as the “Golden Fleece“.

 The “Golden Fleece” is a D-14 (pale yellow-gold)/ D-12 (pale-silver)/D-8 (Gold-Monadic) Primal Light Spherical-Standing-Scalar-Wave-Field Sheathe that rapidly forms around, and permeates the Universal-Veca Flame body upon entry of the “12 Commandment” Codes of the Arc into the sealed Shield. The “Golden Fleece” wave-field combines the D-8 Core Monadic current (Ectrons/Density-3 electrons) with the D-14/D-12 ante-matter current (Trions-Reions/Density-5 electrons, Density-4 neutrons) known as “The Golden-Silver-ONE” frequency.

 Activation of the Golden Fleece wave-field around and within the Flame Body allows the matter forms “Wearing the Golden Fleece” to literally “de-manifest” (“disappear”) from the larger “hologram” (3-D world experience) of which they are usually a part via entering a state of hyper-dimensional suspension within the Golden Fleece wave-field. Matter forms entering the Golden Fleece hyper-dimensional state are able to retain the manifest integrity of their atomic structure and physicality. Each atom internally generates its own “Golden Fleece” Trans-Harmonic Hyper-dimensional Radial Body Capsule within the larger Golden Fleece Capsule surrounding the sealed Shield, Flame Body and entirety of the matter form. Once ensconced within the Golden Fleece Capsule within the 13th-Pillar, matter forms “enter the Arc of the Covenant” or the “Arc Zone” (Divine Blue Print-sealed hologram-within-a-hologram), which exists as a frequency modulation area within the Void (magnetic repulsion zone) between the Universal-Veca and Ecka systems. While residing within the Arc Zone matter forms seem to “disappear” from the manifest territories of their original hologram as they enter the frequency-shelter of the Arc of the Covenant through “wearing the Golden Fleece”; for this reason the “Golden Fleece” has also been known as the “Cloak of Invisibility”.


The Arc Zone “Half-step”, Time Shift and the Bridge Zone

 Like the Golden Fleece Capsule, the “Arc Zone” is also a Spherical-Standing-Scalar-Wave Trans-Harmonic Radial Body that exists within the “13th Pillar Eternal Amoraea Flame. The Arc Zone was created by Emerald Covenant races to serve as a “stepped-down union point“, or “half-way house in frequency”, between the Ecka Universe Azur-A Point and the Veca Azur-A Point. The Arc Zone exists as a common Universal Shield Co-ordinate, higher in frequency than the Veca system but lower in frequency than the natural Ecka system, through which the Azur-A Points of both systems are linked within the co-joined “13th Pillar Amoraea Center Flames’. The Arc Zone forms a simulated Azur-A point at a “half-step” in frequency between the Ecka and Veca systems.

 Everything in manifestation has, as it core template, the 12 Tree Kathara Grid.   On a planetary level, the Kathara centres or spheres are known as Stargates.  These are co-ordinate points which allow energy to ascend and descend through the Time Matrix’s dimensions, Harmonic Universes and Time Cycles.  Star Gates are the fastest and easiest means of passage through time in a Time Matrix.   In spiritual tradition Star Gates are usually referred to as Ascension Passages.      Under normal circumstances,   the ability to move through Stargates e.g. to travel through time and experience the full spectrum of one’s interdimensional anatomy,  requires what is known as Base 12 activation.     Base 12 is the core mathematical expression of the Christos imprint.

 When HetharO, with its attendant replenishing of the Christos Seed Atom, occurs as the result of  the natural expenditure of this Atom’s original energy thrust,  beings carrying the core Christos imprint would have had time to activate their core template to a Base 12.    However, when HetharO is triggered as a result of extreme, critical mass level of Opposite Expression of Free Will,   many life forms will not have had sufficient time to accrete sufficient frequencies in their template, and would therefore not be able to ride the changing waves of time.    

 The Arc of the Covenant Gates are Base 6 Gates.    Most natural stargates are Base 12, which means every dimension has 12 sub-frequency bands and every sub-frequency band has what’s called a Keylon quotient or energy thrust quotient, a quantum of energy.    Keylons are like wattage: how much electrical energy thrust does a particular frequency band have? Base 12  is much stronger than Base 6.   Arc Gates are designed as a half step where one does not have to have a Base 12 Template to get hosted out or to begin regenerating one’s own template.   So it has been a gift.    Base 6 is based on 6 sub-frequency bands for each dimension, instead of 12, which means they have half the Keylon quotient or power, which means, in turn, that one would have to have half the amount of DNA activation or template activation to be able to move through them.   

 With the Arc of the Covenant, beings that don’t have Base 12 will get frequency support from the Golden Fleece Fields   If they are able to catch those pulses of frequency and activate them within their own bodies, they will be able to sustain the frequency field of the Golden Fleece buffer field so they can make the transition out and not fall.

 The Arc of the Covenant Passage thus offers the potential of Christiac Stargate passage and manifestation within Christiac Space-Time locations to beings and matter forms with lower accretion levels and Keylon thrust quotients than the usual standard Base 12..  The AC Passage ALSO allows lower accretion level life-forms/ matter forms that can anchor the Arc Shields  ( template ) the ability to biologically survive the rapid frequency increases associated with Planetary Stellar Activation Cycles and restoration of Planetary Divine Blueprint. 

 During the May 2004 Hetharo anniversary workshop in Long Beach, CA, USA, an even more significant planetary activation took place, anchoring extremely powerful frequencies from our Parallel Ecka, called the L-AdOR-A – Le-eTOR-A Amoraea Flame. Anchoring this frequency has activated a Base 3 Arc system, greatly increasing the chance of many more life forms on this planet, including those of the elemental Kingdom,  to anchor the Living Light within their templates in order to maintain their journal along the Christiac path.

 This is a true case of the pendulum swinging so far in one direction that it rebalances itself.    Recent interdimensional politics have swung to such extremes of polarity that the solution involves bringing in powerful and high frequencies directly from the Krist level of creation.     This effectively means that life forms that have retained even a spark of their Christos connection have the opportunity to return, at their own pace,  to full,  conscious, at-one-ment with themselves-as-Source.

 Most of this realignment with the Christos is happening on the subtler levels of our being and may not yet be apparent on the level of the mass drama, but will become more evident as the Shields separate.    There are no victims in this drama.     Those who take the anti-Christos path of separation have chosen this over many lifetimes.     All will be drawn to the time-space locations which feel most in tune with their core vibration.   KS defines love as a state of vibrational harmonization; that which we love is, in a very real sense, what is in tune with our own core vibration.   Beings who are more in tune with energies such as competition, power struggles, the victim/ victimizer drama, or other expressions of a separative, anti-Christos mindset, will be just as relieved when the Shield finally separate as beings who are fundamentally in tune with the Law of ONE.    In a sense, all will go ‘home’, and thus this is a time of renewal and celebration, and also of respect for the Free Will choices of all beings, even if their choice is not what ‘we’ would choose for them!   


Shield of the Arc (of the Covenant) Codes and Earth Races

 Activation of the specialized mathematical-geometrical Shield Program of the Arc of the Covenant, which is known as the “Shield of the Arc” scalar-shield program, is required for a universe, galaxy, star, planet or person to gain entry into the Arc of the Covenant Arc Zone. The Shield of the Arc program exists as a set of specialized Keylon Codes that are calibrated precisely to the Arc Zone and passage. The specialized (Keylon) “Codes of the Arc” collectively form a “Shield-within-a-Shield” that is called the “Shield of the Arc.    

 As part of the Eieyani-Indigo’s 22,326 BC mission, they were commissioned to collectively serve as Host Matrix into the Arc of the Covenant Arc Zonein the event that the “Arc Auto-pilot” system was triggered into activation. The Eieyani-Indigo collective, both within the Ecka and Veca Universes are thus collectively known as the “Host of the Arc of the Covenant“. The collective “Golden Fleece” wave-field would serve as atemporary “Host Matrix” frequency platform

 Portions of the Planetary Shields suspended within the Arc Zone hyper-dimensional field would be held safely within a stable, “half-step” frequency zone and time pulsation rhythm as the Planetary Shields rapidly climbed in frequency to Double Eckasha-Aah Flame Body activation  ( level of the Krist ). As long as the Eieyani-Indigos of Earth activated the “collective Golden Fleece” Host Matrix frequency platformat least 33%of Earth’s Shield could “ride through Double Eckasha-Aah activation” within the safety of the Arc of the Covenant.

 In early July 2002, the Eieyani began early dispensation of Advanced Flame Body Activation Technologies .  The Flame Body Technologies, now offered in the Maharata Texts-Level-3 “Dance for Freedom” Program, have been provided to prepare Indigos and Humans to rapidly activate the natural personal Flame Body field via expedited personal Shield activation.


The Arc Seal Release and Shield of the Arc Codes

 Shield Induction of the  “4-Stanz Arc Seal Code Sequence” will prepare us to initiate activation of the first level of the personal and collective “Golden Fleece” wave-field through which the internal “Arc of the Covenant” and external Arc passage is initiated.

 Entry level induction of the “Arc Seal Release 4-Stanz Code Sequence” is simple, as described below. As the “drama unfolds” the Eieyani will provide further Arc of the Covenant  “Shield of the Arc” technologies and progressive information on the “Level-6 Arc of the Covenant Planetary Evac” agenda


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