Prosperity and Abundance

Lets begin teaching rudimentary prosperity. Prosperity is not about money; it is about an attitude. See the glass half full or half empty. Do you feel that the world does not have enough; then scarcity is your by-word or do you know there is plenty to go around. Here’s some new inputs and lets make it very basic. The way to achieve a feeling of opulence and wealthy consciousness is to change your insides. DO the math; when you count out every dollar and you measure how far it can reach — then you get to play that game every day. The game of measuring. When you pay for what you purchase and are grateful, and express that gratitude even in reaching for your wallet, you will make a difference in how and what you pay for. Your attitude is everything. Think measurements and you will get the opportunity to measure. Think gratitude and feel a sense of ‘more than enough’ and you will experience that. What you give your energy to is what you will draw back to you. Give, with playfulness and be appreciative. Shift the flow from measured to full out. Does not mean be wasteful. Does not mean to throw your funds around; contribute toward a society that is appreciative of money. No, money is not evil; greed is. Greedy folk are misery making folks. 


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