My Fantastic Skullem

James I have been meaning to tell you how fantastic my skullem cube is!!  You may have heard from my chiropractor, Michael or Carole – I have been bringing it to community acupuncture – and they were going to order one.  The three girls I were with are ‘triple’ using it.  We also did a triple on top of my mountain ridge in Banner Elk which already has lots of vortexes  or would vortices…
OHHH and ordered a ruby lavender (Saint Germain) crystal from that man you recommended in Mt. Shasta.  It is so awesome. I also ordered a Star of David pendant and wear it while mediating with the cube. AGain, thanks again and I love it…
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Good thing ‘unusual’ is so doable around here.  We have kind of played with the rules a bit.  We ‘device increase’ and increase and increase (feeling every increase) and gave permission for star gate to open wide.  The physicality’s are very felt – let’s see pressure in the palms and brightest light(s) from inside head and in the palms.  Equally amazing when we close it down/up…
I let chiro wife use it and she felt waves and energy go thru her.  Gave intention for healing  at clinic.
OH forgot.  first day in chiro chair I disappeared.  I was fully aware entire time with eyes closed – we sit there w accupuncture needles for about an hour – and I can hear where people get up and go.  Well when my session was over (went by in a blink) I noticed everyone who had been in the room we no longer there – original ones and obviously left with different people now sitting in those seats.
I thought it was weird how I didn’t hear anything even though like I said was super aware.  But I was meditating in the gate – the white light that day was so bright. Well, my friend told me she looked over at me during the session and I was not in the chair.   It freaked her out.   She did triple take and then I reappeared. She was actually a little concerned, but I thought WOW.   Now I laugh when I do it and no one is around, am I actually here.
Any concerns or suggestions?
I feel necklace increases the experience.  Like home.  I have always feltl I am a caretaker for this area.  So many vortices – can see indications in the twisted trees.  Trees and mountain very happy we have been using the device at the top.   Area called Valle Crucis – valley of the cross because mountain range is one…
I will keep you updated.
Response :
Wow that’s a amazing experience you got there. Sounds like you are jumping into other timelines. What where you meditating for? It would be curious to see what you could do if you if you tried time travel or advanced for of astral travel such as this.

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