Guided Meditation Audio

Guided Meditation Audio


By James Rink

Some people fear meditation, thinking that it is a mystical skill that they don’t possess. But the truth is that anyone can meditate with guided audio sessions successfully the first time they try.

Meditation is a tool used to access your intuition, to connect with your spirit guides, the Universe, Angels and many other entities.  It allows us to find deep relaxation, relieve tension and stress and find the answers that we are seeking.

There are no set rules for meditation, and the ‘secret’ is that all you have to do is find somewhere that you feel safe and comfortable and just remember to breathe.

Guided meditations are great for all of us, but especially for those who are just starting on their journey of integrating meditation into our lives. When we start to meditate our brain’s beta waves reduce allowing us to relax and to be more in the moment improving our focus.

A good place to start is with Kelly Howells Brainsync which works directly with our chakras, opening and balancing them to bring greater health and happiness into our lives.

Paraliminal meditation works best with headphones, with a voice in each ear, speaking to each side of the brain giving you direct messages, such as mantras, affirmations or very definite visualisations.  They guide you, directing your thoughts and focus.  Music may be used in the background to help your brain relax and to reinforce the message that is being given.

Subliminal mediation gives you more freedom, using music that induces a state of relaxation and words that are offer suggestions to guide you towards your own personal visualisations and realizations.

Another method that can be used in meditation is hypnosis, this is when your mind becomes totally engrossed in the words and you switch off conscious thought, moving into a state of mind that almost nothing else can penetrate.

Using a range of frequencies to bring our brains into alpha and theta waves quickly, the Monroe Institute Hemisync method of meditation is one that brings us into a heightened awareness of the moment, feeling and relaxing deeply as our brain waves change. A good place to start is Hemisync Focus 7.

We have developed a range of free neo meditations for you to experience.  Each meditation is carefully crafted to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from the first time you listen.

All these forms of guided meditation audio are great tools to help you induce into deep and cleansing alpha and theta waves in your brain while your mind moves with the words. And soon with a little guidance and visualizations you too can fall into a deep place of calm within your center.

To learn more about how to meditate deeply, or free guided neo meditations for integrating your mind, body, and spirit, using the Neo Meditation Cube please visit

  1. Mary said:

    Thanks for the meditation downloads. These free resources will help me to be calmed and live in peace. Here an additional free resource for guided meditation: guided meditation mp3

  2. Very interesting article on meditation. Meditation has tremendous power to tune ones mind.

  3. Nice article on meditation. Meditation practice has amazing power to tune the mind.

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