Good afternoon!  I purchased a gate key 22 about 5 months ago and just wanted to tell you how much I love this device.  I am by no means an expert in the field of meditation or esoteric concepts but I have a good feeling I am not just imagining the power of this device.  
Two examples I would like to share with you.  Our dog started having seizures for no apparent reason, as you can imagine it’s a scary thing to see you beloved pet in such a painful state.  The vet drew blood and had it analyzed but couldn’t find any reason for the seizures.  In automatic mode I asked the device to restore our dog to perfect health and to stop the seizures.  That was four months ago and she hasn’t had another one since!
My Mom who is in her early sixties had a mild stroke and was taken to the hospital by my Dad and younger brother who were with her at the time.  The hospital kept her overnight in order to analyze her blood work looking for the cause of the stroke.  The blood work came back indicating she is diabetic and to make matters much worse, they found leukemia in her blood.  This combination is extremely complicated to treat in traditional medical avenues.  The stroke in the brain, the blood sugar and insulin all over the map and the cancer in the blood and bone marrow create a combination that is very difficult to treat or even manage.  Long story short, I asked the cube, much like I did with our dog, to bring my Mom back to perfect health in as little time as possible.  This is not only happening its almost miraculous!!  After every new test or round of treatment the doctors and staff, along with us in the family, are amazed at all the best possible outcomes are manifesting one after another.  She went into remission after her first round of chemo, which is very unlikely according to the doctors.  Her brother was a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant, which is also very uncommon to have a perfect match.   As I am typing this email to you, she is being discharged from the hospital as the EARLIEST PATIENT EVER to be discharged from the U of M cancer center after a Leukemia bone marrow transplant!!  Everyone is totally astonished.  Thought you might like to hear that.
Now, I have a question about holding the device.  I have noticed that if I place one or two hands on the device after a short while I will begin experiencing an energy feeling generated in the center of my head!  If I keep my hands holding the device the energy feeling intensifies.  It is quite pleasant, feeling like my brain is being charged.  Does this have to do with the torsion field it generates?  What is this attributed to and have you experienced this yourself?  – J

Hi J , the cube is stimulating crystals within your pineal gland. Torsion energy is simply energy in motion. As you project your thoughts and feelings into the star gate of the cube , your pineal gland, and heart you are shifting yourself into another parallel reality which contains all the things you desire such as your loved one being cured of cancer and a timeline where you dog never had seizure disorder. 

BTW you should put your mother on 5,000 mg of daily liposomal vitamin C.  It will should help in her recovery.




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