Blue Peace Lightcode and You Are Everything

Blue Peace Lightcode and You Are Everything

You’re more than welcome to download, print, email, and share my most recent artwork with your friends and family. No strings attached…well other than I would like for you to tell me what you think about my artwork.

You Are Everything

You Are Everything

Blue Peace Lightcode

Blue Peace Lightcode

Holiday Message From Rene

Judging and Hating yourself, whilst thinking that you are never good enough is a Full time Job! Its a Full Time Job that you are not even getting paid for!!! Don’t you think its Time to take a permanent vacation?

Isn’t Life sooooo much better when you are on vacation, and you can just let loose and be yourself? Just Be The Days of self judgement are over… We all know that does not work So just Relax and Be

Remember that childhood happiness? That was because we accepted ourselves and others without judgement. Life was just a big carnival of happiness! Time to be like a child again… imaginative, curious, loving, full of magic and adventure!… full of kindness, openess and honesty!

Time to start to nurture and pamper yourself… You have been so hard on yourself for soooo many years… time to relax and just let it all go… ~ ~ … Who are you underneath all of the fear you experience? What if you had no fear and unlimited money, and unlimited support from the entire universe, in anything you wanted to do! What would you do? How different of a person would you be? Capture this feeling of unlimited freedom… “right now in your mind!”… And Hold that feeling of triumph with you 24/7…and watch how your life changes right before your eyes…

~ Power of Soul ~ Purity in Truth ~
Rene Hamilton


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