Saint Germain – Positive Spiritual Messages – Fully Captioned

If you respect metaphysics, quantum physics, the metaphysical realm, please watch this. It will seem strange at first if you’ve never seen a full body manifestation. Think of the movie GHOST.. When he steps into the psychic’s body to dance with Molly. Same idea. You’ll never believe what St. Germain says while speaking thru this woman. I believe he is speaking about Bitcoin when he says we will be free nations economically, or something along those lines. Talks about technology. He says it will happen in 20-25 years from the time of this interview, which was in 1987 or 88. 25 years would be this year. I’m sorry if this frightens you. It doesn’t frighten me. It calms me. I feel I’m here to help build the future, not be afraid of it. St. Germain is said to have incarnated on Earth several times. He’s also said by many to have played a huge role in the signing of our Declaration of Independence. I’ll post Change is on the Horizon underneath here. It is three parts by James Rink, , which tells about all of St. Germain’s lives and how he spoke with our founders and encouraged them to sign it. Krista-Annikki Räisä also channels the High Council of Orion. She is Pleiadian as I am as well. If you wish to view her channelings please find her on YouTube. People who have individual sessions with her are quite satisfied. Hope you enjoy!!


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