Merkaba DNA Activation & Ascension – Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones – Set # 1

Dear Friends…

I Decided To Make This 90 Minute Movie Collection From 11 Of My Current Favorite Ascension/Activation Clips. At First I Was Happy With A Playlist, But Then Did Not Like Being Interrupted By Commercials Between Clips. Now You Can Watch These 11 Ascension Oriented Clips Commercial Free. Trippy, Creative, Fun, Enjoy !

I suggest that for clip #2 “Crystaline Dna Activation” You turn the volume up a bit….. Peace : )

Clip # 1 – “Merkabah Chakra Meditation” Uploaded By Thesilverkeepers On Nov 27, 2009. The Silver Keepers Ministry Http://Thesilverkeepersministry.Ning.Com Invite You To A 5 Minute Merkabah Chakra Meditation. As You Watch The Video & Listen To The Music, Become The Merkabah & Cleanse Your Chakra Centers As The Merkabah Changes Color. Namaste

Clip # 2 – “Crystaline Dna Activation” Published On Mar 22, 2012 By Spiritualfrequency.
In This Activation, You Will Recive The First Level Of The Crystalline Dna Clearing And Activation To You With Three Powerful Attunements. This Dna Activation Session Includes A Clearing Of Anything And Everything That Would Adversely Impact Your Ability To Activate And Integrate The First Level And The Accompanying Attunements.

Clip # 3 – “The Dna Of Abundance Harmonic Activation” Uploaded By Sunwoman1111 On Oct 9, 2011. This Video Is Second In The Series Of The 11:11 Sacred Geometry Meditations Provided Through The Archangel Group Uriel. This Beautiful And Powerful Piece Brings Together The Angelic Song Of Crystal Singing Bowls, The Heartbeat Of Native Drumming And The Aboriginal Message Of Didgeridoo With The Vibrational Messages And Dna Codex Hidden Within The Sacred Art. Truly A Journey Of Abundance… Enjoy!

Clip # 4 – “A Message From The Pleiades” Uploaded By Pleiadianstarseeder On Mar 26, 2011. We Come To Offer You Important Information. We Promise, Your Blinders Will Be Removed. You Will See The Truth For Yourself. All We Ask Is That You Remain Open To The Possibilities…Follow To Where Your Heart Leads. Http://Www.Pleiadians.Net/ Http://Www.Mynzah.Com Http://Www.Facebook.Com/Mynzah Http://Www.Youtube.Com/Pleiadianstarseed­er Http://Fineartamerica.Com/Profiles/Mynza­h-Pleiadian-Starseeder.Html

Clip # 5 – “Dna Ascension Activation” – Uploaded By Christopher Legey On Nov 13, 2010.
This Video Contains An Activation To Help The Viewer On Their Spiritual Path And Facilitate The Possibility Of Both Personal And Planetary Dna Ascension And Merkabah Activation.

Clip # 6 – Healing Frequency Uploaded By Holylightangelos On Feb 1, 2010.
Http://Meditaionguide.Blogspot.Com/ Frequency 528 ( Dna Repair Freq )
Group Of Girls Singing In The Background Praising The Creator : Yashua Christ
Zebaoth, Elohim, Adonai !

More Credits For All The Clips To Be Posted Soon… This Is A Work In Progress…


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