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It’s one of the most popular questions, everybody asks, “how can I manifest what I want faster? How can I get what I want faster?” The key to manifesting what you want faster is your vibration.
For a moment I would like you to imagine that you are looking at a river directly in front of you, I’d like you to imagine a river that is filled with boulders and debris and junk and rubbish all over the place, all the length of that river… now I’d like you to imagine water flowing through that river. Can you imagine the obstruction of the flow of water down that river? The boulders, the rubbish, all the things that are in the way prevents the river from flowing as smoothly and as quickly as it could.

Now I’d like you to use your hand, your imaginary hand and push that river aside. Now I’d like you to imagine another river and in that river, there’s no boulder, there’s no garbage, there’s nothing obstructing the flow of water as it moves through the river.

In the first vision, those boulders and that rubbish that you see in the river represents your thinking, your thoughts. When you have thoughts of doubt and you have thoughts of wanting or frustration, those thoughts are like boulders in the path and they prevent you, your energy from flowing through that river. They prevent your desires from flowing through that river as quickly as you would like them to.
That energy that is required for you to manifest what you want becomes obstructed by those things in the path. Again, those things being doubt and fear.

However, if you are somebody, who is charged with information about attraction, if you’re confident, if you’re excited and enthusiastic about it, then your experience would be like that river without obstruction, without boulders or without debris in the water.

Your energy would flow smoothly and quickly down that river. So, one of your first steps in manifesting faster is to get rid of all the doubt, all the fear, and all the negative chatter in your mind.
One thing you may want to do is start a journal. Write out your fears. Question yourself, “Why do I feel doubtful about this? Why do I believe that I can’t have it? Who has told me that I can’t have it? Why do I believe that I can’t have it? What conversations am I having that create more doubt in my mind?”
As you start to analyze and examine your thinking pattern, write it all out. Writing it out is the first step in removing those inner thoughts from your mind. The next step would be to analyze with more detail why you think the way you do and change that story. Change that story to one that is more positive, more filled with optimism and hope and possibilities. And when you do that, also write it down. When you write it down, make sure to put it in a place where you could read it every single day.

As you read it every single day, you impress upon the mind that new possibility and you will notice those inner thoughts begin to disappear. You will also notice that you will begin to feel differently about that thing you want to manifest in your life. You will begin to feel more excited and more optimistic about it and the moment you begin to feel more optimistic about it, the more faith and belief you’ll have in it and you’ll find that circumstances change around you to make it possible in your life.

Fear and doubt create obstruction. Faith and confidence help you to manifest faster.

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