BodyTalk Access: “A New Path to Family and Community Health”

James If you scroll down alittle there will be a video of how to rewire the brain in this link.
This would help you alot, and if you felt like putting it up on your website. your site shares alot about what is and might be happening. perhaps a section of what can be done for self empowerment. Peace James

How to “Tap Out” your Cortices

The Technique

We feel that the simple Cortices Technique, one of the core techniques of the BodyTalk System, and the BodyTalk Access program, is so powerful that we want to share it with everyone. In this short video, Dr. John Veltheim, Founder of the BodyTalk System describes and demonstrates the Cortices Technique – which balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and general brain function. The IBA believes that everyone should be able to balance the cortices; their results can be immediate and profound in restoring healthy balance.

Cortices Video

Cortices How To

Dr. John Veltheim, BodyTalk Founder, describes and demonstrates the Cortices Technique, which balances the brain and stimulates the body’s self-healing potential.

Publisher: IBA
12.32 Minutes | Watch

BodyTalk Access Book

The excerpt below providing testimony on the remarkable power of the Cortices Technique is taken from John Veltheim’s book, BodyTalk Access: “A New Path to Family and Community Health”, which describes the power of the BodyTalk Access program, an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use health maintenance program which is being taught to many thousands of people around the globe.

Learn More Here


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