Thanks Again for the Pretty Skull and the Device

Dear James,

I am from Japan and bought the Neo IDL13 Skullem 4 months ago in December. When I received my device and crystal skull I was very happy to get a beautiful one. You wrote “the crystal skull wants to meet crystal skulls, so you will see more of them”, sorry, I didn’t believe that.

I was a bit busy getting ready for my trip to Mexico, the plan was to stay there on the Caribbean side from December to the latter half of May to avoid cold season of Japan. We came back a bit earlier, but anyway a kind of long trip. So I didn’t start meditation using the device and the crystal skull until I get to Mexico.

The first day of meditation, I tried to do what was on the explanation. The next day, I showed the crystal skull to a Mexican friend for more than 15 years. He is a Mayan descendant. He was happy to see it.

The following day he came to visit me again and said ” I want to show you my treasure”. And it was a skull made out of Jade, which is a sacred stone of Maya. I was very surprised.

Then the following day, he said,”have you met ‘Sharma’?” “No, I haven’t” “OK, I’ll introduce you to Sharma. Get on my motorcycle.”

He took me to his two lady friends and one had Sharma. He asked one of the ladies,” Izumi has been my good friend for more than 15 years. Will you show Sharma to her?” She said OK. And brought a big crystal skull that has black tourmaline in it.

I have known him for a long time and it was the first time he showed me the skull of Jade, and the next day I saw a big crystal skull.
His both friends were healers from Texas. One asked me which of my joint has problem, knee or hip. I said “right hip joint”
Then she changed her position to my right, and asked me if she could touch me. At that point I didn’t know she was a healer, but in about 10 minutes, the pain got alleviated much. I asked her is she was a massage therapist. She said she was a healer.
For this, she didn’t charge anything.

And I asked her if she could help me with my hip joint. And she said yes. And that it would take 4 or 5 sessions. I made an appointment with her for the next day. In this one hour session, she started to say “Your joint got attacked by black magic. I hear him chanting and humming. It is the cause of your joint pain” She said a man was doing the spell, but she can’t identify who ordered the black magic. Well, it was not really news to me.

Several years ago 3 fortune tellers in Nepal were saying that I get repeatedly sick because someone has been attacking me by black magic. I had appointment to see one who had come to Tokyo under the order of Jayanti, who worried about my health condition had asked the white magic man to pray for me. He did pray for me, and said once was not enough, and asked me to come to Nepal alone. I wanted to meet Jayanti, too, so I went there. And happened to see one more younger fortune teller, or white magic man who came to meet a person in the house of Jayanti. And he started to talk about me. The fortune tellers do not know each other, and they think they are the only one who come to Jayanti’s house.

And the other one I didn’t have chance to meet, but Jayanti was worried about me and asked him to see what was causing my health problem. He even specified the person who ordered black magic attack on me. That was the closest female friend at that time. And it co-incide with the person that the other two chose among so many of photos of my friends.

But I thought it is in that kind of country and many people are superstitious there. Also if they talk on black magic they can create their job, too. When I heard that, it bothered me a bit, but after I came back to Japan, I just ignore it, thinking “I’m not a Nepali, or Balinese or Maya. If I were one of them, the kind of society believe and there are people who ask for black magic to some black magicians. But I am from Tokyo Japan and black magic does not exist in our society.”

So I just forgot about it until a few years later I got Gang Stalked and got attacked by some advanced weapons and maybe combination with black magic or something.

Anyway, the healer in Mexico helped me by getting rid of the dark energy that was attacking my hip joint. And she said, the joint is already hurt and had scar, so I need to keep drinking green juice, combination of vegetable and fruit for 2 or 3 months.
I hope she could get rid of the black magic energy all.

But when I think of it, Japan is not free from this black magic thing. The owner of Modern Mystery School , which used to be Rocky mountain mystery school, who claim himself to be a Rabbi can be doing that and this fraud is in Japan now. I heard that he likes Unagi,which means ell fish. In my understanding in that religion especially if he were a Rabbi, they are prohibited to eat sea products without scales. Anyway, I don’t think he can be safe here. He will do something wrong and get caught or gotten rid of.

And when I read the instruction on the device and the crystal skull well, I found I could ask the device and crystal skull to heal the hip joint. I am still drinking the green juice, and my hip joint still hurts, so I will ask the device and the crystal skull to help me, using the numbers.

Thanks again for the pretty skull and the device.
I think I will check what else is necessary for me and contact you or your company again.

Love, I.








Crystal skulls ultimately find themselves in the hands of the owners that they want to be with. Im glad you found the door of synconirsities opening up in your life. Meditation will help you tap into your higher self so that you can be more in tune with other dimensions, realities, and possibilities. – James Rink

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