Healing Serums

James I wanted to share with you my experiences of using my IDL 80 Gatekey. There is a lady that is working with me who had a son born at 11 pounds causing her hip to push out of place. She had been suffering with pain for 23 years. So i meditated with her with my cubes and things are happening much faster. When I did that she said her fingers tingled . So I just asked the cube to keep injecting healing serums.

I then activated my innersoultech manifestation boards and radionics machine then 5 minutes later her hand was numb all the way. Then she touched her hip putting pressure on her injury and felt an intense pain. The next day some kind of miracle happen. There was no pain, she presses the leg really hard to get that feeling and the pain was completely gone. She suffered for 23 years its a miracle, unbelievable . I did for her in 10 minutes what doctors couldn’t do in 23 years.

Another lady i worked on was diagnosed with cancer and i did my meditation with her and she went to the doctor again and there was no cancer in her blood or anywhere else in her body.

My friend has a dog that is 18 years old. The dog came to sit down right next to me when i was meditating and afterward
she had full of energy, her eye colored changed, I believe the cube detoxed her.

I can sit in a circle and call names and people start to get healed. Some people have a strong connection to the cube.

The cube is amazing thank you james.


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