The Sacred Circuits™


These are the original 15 given to us as a gift to humanity, handed down from other societies. Although it did not originate with them, the story we have is that they where handed down from Sirius civilization, that gave them to the YahYel, that gave them to the Shakani, who gave them to us as next in line.

The Circuits tap right into the neurological wiring of the brain, and the collective world spirit.

They are specifically designed to adapt your reciver brain antenna, from the idea of the higher mind being the conceiver, the physical brain being the receiver, and the mind being the perceiver.. to allow for (among other things), greater comunication between higher/lower mind (hyperconductive), acting like a network to gain more information and more connections, new perspectives that give broader understanding and tap into other levels of reality.

The 3 day Meditation

– Draw each circuit on a card (15 cards) each with 1 symbol and 1 word upon it.

– Find a peaceful place. (music/color if you wish)

– Gaze at each circuit, in succession, one after another, for 1 min per card, for 15 min.

– Do this 3 days in a row. 1 min per card, in order for 15 min.

– As you gaze and ponder and allow your mind to drift:

 -just absorb the idea of the shape
 -absorb the attendant concept
 -Without thinking, without analyzing, just let it in.

Just sit with these shapes and know, as you do so, allow the circuitry in your brain to rewire itself, to be representative of each and everyone of this symbolic shapes. Once a day is enough. You can do it 2 or 3 times, but it’s not suggested to be done more. Your need to allow you brain time to adapt and absorb these effects. After you have done it 3 days in a row, in order, 1-15, then you may view them in any order you are attracted to, and how many/few you are attracted to, but not more then 15 min in any given sitting.

Say hello to each symbol. Form a loving, exciting, peaceful, creative, playful, relationship with each symbol.

When you draw them, you can draw them anyway you wish from crude pencil to 3D graphics, as long as the basic shape is intact.

What is more important is that you form an RELATIONSHIP with all of the Sacred Circuits. Each and every one is like an autonomous being, with it’s own consciousness, it’s own vibration, it’s own reality,  it’s own awareness, and is willing to form a relationship with you.

~Erik Vikersveen

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