Zulie Testimonial – Living with Peace in NYC

Dear James,

I am writing to tell you about my wonderful and amazing experiences with my “IDL-13 Skullem”. I cannot believe that it has been such a positive and enlightening device in my life and just like many others who have brought your device. I am much calmer, I am intouch with my inner being, I don’t have to spend years and hours and wake up at a certain time to be peaceful and meditate with my Neo I am instantly brought to inner peace and nirvana with my headphones and a dark room no more wasting time at workshops and noisy people and not very good instructors to teach me to meditate.

I have also won small amounts of money in the lottery, by using your video/s “Win the Lottery”. And I write that I won small amounts of money with my Neo, and I have so many other tools that I brought and wasted money on shall I say to be nice other crystals, necklaces pendants pyramids, lotions, and sprays for money and abundance inner peace manifestation and none of them worked as quickly or satisfying. None of these method that I have used has brought me any luck until I started using my Neo I didn’t do it consistently and or won consistently but from this moment I will do it consistently. I have won some money from $2 to $10.00, to me that is so reassuring that I bought your product to help me with other issues of peace, love and financial abundance that I could manifest this easily.

My most wonderful experience I had with money I meditated one morning I used your video “Win the Lottery” and then I put on a tape of prosperity and abundance, and later that day I found forty dollars and a MetroCard worth 1 ride trip just what I needed. I blessed and thanked the universe and my Neo for this abundance that I needed to pay my credit card. That has never ever happened people always tell me that they’ve found money and I was never that lucky really.

Other than money I would also like to add a marvelous and incredible experience with meditating with my Neo one morning I just meditated with my Neo just a plain meditation no videos or cd’s just wanted to sit with my Neo sometimes I sometimes do that and or I play your other video’s you have. So after meditating with Neo continuing with my normal routine of the day in the evening I was going to celebrate pre July 4th fireworks in my neighborhood mind you its stressful but I said I will go. Everything that I was worried about didn’t happen I got there early I went with my mother I had something to eat the bathroom was available but the thing that got me was the placement for me to see the fireworks the place was crowded I said I am not going to see it ‘HA”. I was able to position myself front and center no one was standing in my way to see the fireworks yeah there were two people in front of me out of so many you know NY when someone is climbing all over you and not respecting your boundaries, I wasn’t stress about it and or the the timing when the fireworks where to start.

I asked the person that was next to me to let me know when 9:15pm was I didn’t have a watch I just blurted out that time because I knew that 9:20pm the fireworks were to start. In the paper I read the fireworks will start @9:20pm I told the person 9:15pm that so the both of us could get a 5 min head start to get our cameras ready and stand. LO and behold he says to me okay its 9:15 we both stand up I got up in slow motion just looking at the sky and saying I have such a wonderful view I can’t believe this is this where the fireworks will be I have never ever been able to experience this, then the fireworks started I was ready I didn’t even know I was ready I didn’t even know the time it started @ 9:15 and 20 sec.

I couldn’t believe the luck and the crowd was telling me the same thing that I was lucky to be at the right place and at the right time that has never ever happened to me. I asked myself what was it that was different, I couldn’t place my finger on it until I got it I meditated with my Neo Skullem I am not that type of a morning meditator and you know what I agree I do believe my luck happened meditating with my Neo device I have an older model but a goody not complaining about my baby. After that experience I will never ever skipped or be despondent about situation like this now that I have my Neo. I just wanted to write this because I am so happy I am so thrilled I have so disappointed before but not with my Neo I am having financial challenges but I am going to purchase a new model one day another new Neo device I will have two I see on your website you are having you sale I don’t know how it will happened or the financial means but I will write again and tell you of my experience of how this will happen but I see the wonderful additions to the Neo devices and I want another.

God bless you and for all that you’ve created for individual like me to be happy and finally be happy. I wish that all who read this have the financial abundance to be able to purchase a Neo. As a side note I have the Neo IDL cude in 2012 so I have been keeping up to date and absorb your information and see you have made an upgrade to the Neo device of which I want.

Take care James and God bless you. “Z”


Crystal skulls ultimately find themselves in the hands of the owners that they want to be with. Im glad you found the door of synconirsities opening up in your life. Meditation will help you tap into your higher self so that you can be more in tune with other dimensions, realities, and possibilities. – James Rink

Please click here to learn more about the skullem device



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