Legions of Ratziel DNA Shape Shifting Meditation

It is essential to do a full chakra and merkaba cleanse 3 times a day if your goal is to activate dormant higher light DNA. This will also in turn reduce shrinking and calcification of the pineal gland. Activation of the thymus near the heart chakra will also induce pineal growth and development.

Here is an exercise to reduce shrinkage and calcification of the pineal. It may also be used to tap into genetic transmutation or shapeshifting. Bring white light and source energy from the source entering the soul star into the crown and down through all the chakras. Let the light resonate in each chakra as you take in 3 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth breathing the light into each chakra with each breath. As the light passes through the base chakra call upon Gia and ask her to embrace it. Then ask her to synchronize with the source and your energy. Synchronize Earth energy with source energy and let it move back up the spine stimulating Kundalini. As the light reaches your brain pan visualize your third eye synchronize with your pituitary gland and pineal gland. Then visualize your third eye glowing red and growing three times it’s size.

As you do this feel the Earth’s energy holding your physical body up as light continues to enter your crown from source moving down through your energy vehicle or merkaba, entering Earth then making a circuit back to source. But not before it expands the whole brain pan, extending your third eye’s inter dimensional range and boosting it’s abilities. Now visualize the pineal glowing and burning bright red as it grows the size of a tennis ball in your mind.

Colors will become significantly brighter and you will begin to see auric energy and other fields and grids more intensely and in greater detail. Hormones in the body will also boost. Strength, speed, mental focus and libido will increase. Also emotional frequencies will begin to process easier in the mind.

Usually at this point you may feel your body temp raise, veins and bone ridges pop out on my forehead and sometimes my eyes shift color or my pupils slit. And at this point I usually direct what DNA I want to activate or what animal power or alien ability I wish to tap into. 



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