Testimonial: Cat came back to life!

Here is a testimonial from C. The IDL 12 has since been replaced with the IDL22. To get yours please visit . Please note we do not necessarily believe everything this person says. We would like for proof if this persons claims indeed happened. 


I wanted to tell all of you that the Neo-Tech protocols are something mysterious. My reasoning is this:

Last night I was trying to determine if I want to get the IDL-Infinity instead of the IDL-44. I can’t believe how heavy that unit must be. Anyways, while I am deciding which one, I decided before going to sleep to use my double terminated quartz crystal. I held it next to my third eye, I began to use the following protocol, “Device Activate Crystal” then I waited about thirty seconds then I said, “Device Activate Star Gate Portal Mode”. I trust you Star Gate portal for my time travel.

I said, “Device”: transport my astral body and all my counter parts through the star gate portal to the year May 3000.

“Device” Increase: to 80X

“Device”: Automatic mode

Within a few minutes time my right arm began to slowly fall down to my side while my body began to fall asleep and all the sudden someone’s hand grabbed mine and help place my crystal back on my third eye. This happened until my meditation was completed. I was not expecting this phenomena to happen and if it works using a simple quartz crystal what would it be like using the second most power of James units! I used his IDL-12 that was more than my wife and I could hardly handle.

I can’t hardly wait to see if the IDL-Infinity can transport my astrally for astral time travel. The IDL-12 transported me out of our galaxy after using the device. As soon I was done with the IDL-12 which took around 15 minutes, I lied down and still meditating for the next 45 minutes to finish up my one hour meditation I was launched out of my body then I was turned around 180 degrees then I was propelled and was thrown from this universe like the speed of light!

I was so mad that my friend took my IDL-12 he didn’t steal it he borrowed it and still has it! He has been succeeding at every turn since using it. But all my synchronocities that were happening along with all the psychic noises around me all came to a complete stop! I had a gentleman who called me from another state because something miraculous happened to him using IDL-12. He asked me if it was evil to bring an animal back to life with the IDL-12. I asked why! He told me I used the Neo-Tech protocol but added in it about saving my cat that died in our yard. It took 3 days and his cat came back to life!

What could I tell him, I just started using my IDL-12 for a month or so and many so called miraculous things were happening all the time for my wife and I. As for this young man and what he claimed he has done what could I say? I had to give him a benefit of doubt even though I didn’t witness such a thing. As for the pricing, listen everyone I am a proficient radionic operator and have been doing this for over 15 years. My SE-5 1000 cost me $4700! What does James charge for his most power unit around $2800! That’s a little under half of what I paid for my instrument.

Most of the niche markets online who sell radionic machines or software are charging tens of thousands of dollars! There is no way and average worker can meet those market demands and as James said already there are not many customers seeking these type of devices and the one’s they do get have to pay for the device at market cost, they have to pay their hight prices so the business can stay in business. So James is relatively cheap in his prices, especially with something that works 100 times better than my $4700 radionic machine!

Your IDL can be used as a radionic device but from what I had experienced so far it is not a radionic device not like the ones with knobs and wishing wells etc. It is what it was designed for, an orgone type of “Torsion Generator”. Thank goodness you don’t have to dial and use any stick pad to get the rates to broadcast healing to anyone! All you have to do is include their names and what you desire for them in the basic protocol during your activation of the IDL. It is probably the simplest activation I have ever come across in the years I began in radionics.

When I used my IDL-12 instead of asking for one thing in particular I just used the Psychic protocol to heighten my psychic awareness and boom within 60 hours it was certainly raised to such a point it was scary. The IDL-12 would use my wife’s voice to call me out of bed in the middle of the night, so I could use it. That was extremely odd, but James told me that the unit actually records the people who are around it and takes on the personality that the user is most attracted too! No arguments from my point view since using it.

The IDL’s will tug on a person if given a chance…When I used the IDL-12 one evening with my eyes closed a flash of bright white light flashed on my third eye or in the area near the center of my forehead. I went back to repeating the commands then this bright light again flashed once or twice and stopped. When it appeared the third time I mentally still with my eyes closed looked into the light purposely. It became big then engulfed all around me the light was so intense it started to make my natural eyes that were closed the whole time to ache so I had to get myself to come out of the meditation.

Sorry this was so long, but i just wanted the people on the fence of getting one to know if a small unit did all this to me and my wife what do you think a larger unit would be capable of doing?



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