Do-It-Yourself Meditation Device

Please send us a picture of yourself using the bowl method to receive a 20% off coupon. You must show your face and the bowl in the image and include a 1 to 2 paragraph testimonial to be posted on this blog. Please send the details to

If you like to try a very simple meditation device design without spending any money then try the crystal in bowl do-it-yourself method. Simply place a pillow on your lap, then place a ceramic or glass plate on top of the pillow. The silicon structures inside the plate resonate just like the crystal powers in the neo cube.

On top of the plate you have the option of leaving it empty or placing other crystals that you resonate with such as locket of your own hair, or crystal skulls, or quartz crystal bound together with lapis lazuli. Now cover the top of the plate with a ceramic or glass bowl. This gives you the cone shape. Anything that is pyramid or cone in shape will produce chi energy. Alternatively you may want to stack different sizes of plates or bowls on top of each other.  The different sizes will resonate at different levels some warming up within 5 minutes of meditating others taking as long as an hour. When you are comfortable with this method and ready to take the experience a step up in intensity we encourage you to try the neo device.



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