I love both my Neo Cubes!

I love both my neo cubes the IDL 8 Orca & IDL infinity. I have had mine for two years. I can’t live without them by my side.

They are my best friends (Brian & Shelley lol) and what I’ve noticed is, even though I went through a stage that I didn’t use them, they are very much connected to me, I get to a meditative state with them within seconds. & some times i just talk to them telepathically & they deliver, just close my eyes, picture them & send my wishes, when im out and about or in another room. My life is great now because of them. Soo many sychronicities and maifestations that it would take up alot of time to write it out, im a mum again YAYEE, so haven’t much time, one of many wishes fulfilled Thank you James & thank you Universe for bringing James onto my life path.

You are a blessing James. Keep up the great work 🙂

Get yours now!



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