Neo IDL-Technoshaman

The Neo IDL-Technoshaman meditation cube will power you with chi. This cube contains a circuit and our proprietary horseshoe core that harnesses chi energy from the quantum matrix and transfers it into your body during meditation with our Sports Performance Gauntlet. With regular use you can supercharge your athletic endurance, strength, and physical stamina. This unit also contains a USB charging stick which produces a quantum energy that seems to influence electrical devices based on your thoughts and desires. It is not electricity but a chi that simulates electricity and seems to show consciousness. This is included for experimental purposes such as communicating with your higher self though an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) phone app.


“After using the Technoshaman Gauntlet for 15 minutes before going to the gym, I felt a buzz-like high. Like someone had just injected me with steroids. I felt like I could knock someone out and take down a elephant. Initially it felt like I was floating, then I felt a warm, comfortable, electrical plasma cloud around me.”

A Technoshaman is one who:

1) Believes that the essential core of the universe is an Algorithm;<br>
2) Holds that there is a morality that can be derived from this Algorithm, which can be briefly stated as: IF NEED, THEN HELP;<br>
3) Acts to help others by applying the derivatives of the Algorithm to everyday human existence;<br>
4) Develops the spirit of technology to serve as the means of carrying out the Algorithm.


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