Gate Key Device

The Gate Key is our most popular meditation machine and highly recommend for those who main goals are either improving health or maintaining a high level of health in their daily lives. The device is a quantum biological computer that opens an interdimensional doorway unlocked through the power of  consciousness energy and thought formations.  The copper core components of the Neo Gate Key Device are laid out like a flower bud in tune with sacred geometry and the Fibonacci sequence.  Between these layers are crystal powders and human DNA harvested from human hair. When chi energy is pulsed through both these metal alloys and crystals; a piezoelectric charge is generated and a portal opens into a timeliness and formless dimension known simply as hyperspace.

This reality is operated by a giant mathematical artificial intelligence, known simply as god. Animated through the power of the love frequency pulse beating within your heart charka you can tune into the star gate and access these codes and algorithms which shift you into another holographic reality where all the desires of your heart can be found.

The main goal of meditation is relaxation and the Gatekey will help you with that. By relaxing your body your DNA strands can unwind and an increasingly larger amount of DNA codons can express themselves. The DNA crystal structures can also open a star gate portal. By using a Neo Gatekey device you can enhance this effect and infuse your body with relaxing chi energy generated within the cone panels of the Gate Key device.

Copper is known for its healing effects. Its molecules are cone shaped and laid out in accordance with sacred geometry. This gives off vibrational frequencies which help your body relax even further and begins the integration process of our health in our daily lives.

Each Gate Key device is enhanced with andaran crystals.  They first originated in the High Sierras of Northern California following an earthquake in the mid-1960’s. It is believed they were created through an interdimensional energy implosion in a no-time hyper dimensional field by beings known as the “Time Walkers.” They are composed on monoatomic glass which is the etheric state minerals before it entered this third dimensional reality of duality.  Meditating with these stones will create a kinsothemitic time continuum (a moving time field) which is not constricted or affected by Earth’s positive/negative polarity field. This will help bring love into your life and lives of those all over the world in a giant manifestation wave of wellness.

When you purchase your Gatekey Device you also have the option of inserting your own homeopathic remedies inside your device to shift the frequency field of your aura. When we become sick sometimes the body forgets how to heal itself. With the correct homeopathic remedy it is believed you can awaken the body’s ability to heal itself. If you are unsure of which remedies to use we recommend you search online databases for suggestions and use muscle testing for confirmations or you can contact a trained professional to assist you.

We have two Gate Key models available for your consideration. The 2 lb 5”x5”x5”, Gatekey IDL-22 is our starter unit and a good choice for those on a budget and our larger 20 lb 11”X11”x11” unit is the Gatekey IDL-80 which we recommend only to those individuals who have been meditating on a regular basis for quite some time.  Both units would work fine however the larger model is 30 times more powerful.

Though the Gatekey is designed for individuals who are seeking to improve their health it’s also a great tool for those individuals who currently have optimal health and desire to maintain it that way. First time users will notice an increased sense of peace and relaxation. When the sensations end love will stay with you during your conscious waking life. The main aim of the device is to relax, but everyone will have their own unique variation of this experience.

Because the Gatekey is a quantum computer, meaning it can tap into all realities at all times it can be used for many other purposes in addition to improving health. For example, you can instruct the device to manifest synchronicities to guide you into a new career that brings you joy and abundance in your life. Yoga instructors may feel their Kundalini energy activated as the spine continuously vibrates prana for days afterwards. Reiki and energy healers can activate the unit with the left hand and use the right hand to send powerful amounts of chi energy into their clients. Meditation instructors can use the Gate Key in guided neo meditation journeys to other dimensions. And don’t forget about supercharging your Gate Key with Radionic machines and Grabovoi numbers.

You may find the more you use your cube the more your appetite and your need for sleep decrease. If your currently naturally psychic the torsion effects could temporarily put you in another dimension, but don’t worry you will come back in a few minutes, unless you want to see how far you can go!

Mankind is about to make an evolutionary transition, just imagine everything you ever wanted is at your fingertips; just think it and it is so. Not everyone can claim to be an ascended master or avatar, but now you have an opportunity to work towards that goal if you so choose it; and you can help others as well but at a much faster rate. No need to waste any more money on overpriced workshops and conferences, this is the real thing. The Holy Grail of ascension technology.

For individuals considering purchasing the larger Gate Key IDL 80, we highly recommend that you initially limit your meditation sessions to less than 10 minutes a day and then slowly increase it over a six month period to your desired goal. Otherwise you may have difficulty sleeping and develop healing crises from all the chi energy you are bringing into your body. If you are still unsure if this unit is right for you then we recommend you purchase the IDL-22 and work with it for 3 months before moving up to this level. And feel free to inquire about special discounts on this item if you decide to go the upgrade route.

The Gatekey is amplified with a group layer of platinum, gold, silver, copper, and aluminum metals allowing one to access the vibrational frequencies found within these metals. Depending which Gate Key you purchase there are either 22 or 80 layers of metals as well as human hair fortified with crystals including lemurian quartz, topaz, tourmaline, onyx, moldovite, agate; as well as rare earth monatomic elements such as iridium, palladium, rhodium, and much more. This is built inside a gold plated sphere in the shape of a round egg. Which is the emergence of new life; hence the name Neo or Birth. The inner contents of the core are surrounded by multiple layers of crystal powders and humanely harvested butterfly wings for its unique multidimensional properties. For an additional price there is an option to add small crystal skulls to the IDL-22 and large crystal skulls to the IDL-80. We can also make custom designs and encourage feedback and suggestions.

So what are you waiting for get one now!


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