Do you have trouble finding the time to meditate, relax, or just tap into your higher self throughout the day?  Are your meditating at a high level but are still seeking the next step in your spiritual evolution? Are you feeling discouraged with unsuccessful meditations that leave you feeling as if you could be experiencing more? If so, the NEO MEDITATION CUBE by NeologicalTech is the correct boost you’ve been searching for.

Lets get into it, What’s a NEO CUBE?

A NEO MEDITATION CUBE is laid out according to sacred geometry and contains layers of either platinum, gold, silver, copper and aluminum metals, which carry vibrational frequencies to you, bringing a person in tune with the their inner and outer consciousness.  While boosting glandular and immune system functions, meditating 11 minutes or more a day with the NEO MEDITATION CUBE can supercharge your law of attraction, while integrating your mind, body, and spirit.

Meditating can be difficult for spiritually advanced beings and can become frustrating just as a beginner just starting to calm their mind for a few minutes a day.  This can be due to many factors and is no reason to give up now, just short of victory.

A large part in unlocking your higher self is having the confidence in your abilities to imagine and dream up detailed ideas and possibilities, thus forcing them into reality while at the same time, maintaining positive energies and an exciting, fun outlook in your life.  You may have heard the saying, you have to crawl before you can walk.  The crawling is meditating without the NEO CUBE. Isn’t it time to stand up on your own and take back the control of your destiny and true abilities with assistance of the NEO CUBE?

It’s not every day you see a construction worker hammering nails in with his bare hands, or a stock car driver changing their tires and oil on a pit stop. Lets face it, we all need the right tools for the job at hand, and the NEO MEDITATION CUBE is just that, a tool. Not everyone knows how to cook a proper meal. It’s not very uncommon to buy TV Dinners or to drive through for some fast food burgers and fries.  Your friends and family would be wrong to judge you using the NEO CUBE, just as a loved one’s inability to produce a proper meal. No body is making you throw out your microwave either.  Gyms are filled to the brim with all types of weights and equipment, so is every auto repair shop.  So is it’s only fair to say that you should be afforded the chance and ability for help and the time to clear your thoughts.  Even some stress and pain relief with a perfectly natural, healthy, and positive assistance with your meditations with a tool like this.

The great part about having a great looking NEO MEDITATION CUBE is that it will be a constant visual reminder. You will not be able to wait till later to calm yourself for a few minutes and can it off your bookshelf to eliminate any and all chances for procrastination. Do you find it hard to commute to and from work in traffic and then are busy right when you get home? Keep it in your car and stop at a quiet spot before work, or sit in the car for 30 minutes and quit smoking on your lunch break. WIth the NEO MEDITATION CUBE, the control over your meditation time is completely in your hands. The NEO CUBE being portable give you endless possibilities of strengthening your bond with your higher self and the ability to do it at your convenience. Limiting the need for the classic difficulties one could find in home meditation.

Smaller independent companies like NeologicalTech are finding it harder and harder to survive in today’s market due to a rise in cheaper disposable products that drive people away from their own self importance and proper spiritual health.  For less than the price of a new gaming console, you could have a NEO CUBE in your hands, drastically changing your life and possibilities.  It puts the spotlight on you for a change, and allows for better results, more accurate regressions, and an overly better outlook on life.

I’m not going to say the NEO MEDITATION CUBE will solve all your problems.  In fact there is always the possibility that users may experience different results. The NEO CUBE is a solution, not the answer.  That is for you to determine, and for you to experience when you are truly ready and willing to take that next step.  Only you know where you need to go and how to get there.  I believe in and support SuperSoldierTalk’s YouTube channel.  Click the links below for more information on the NEO MEDITATION CUBE, and where you can see all the new products, and upgrades that are now available.  Keep in mind, not all NEO CUBES are made alike, and those that require more materials and time to produce are going to end up costing more, sorry.  Now think of the possibilities that are available with the right tools in your hands.

Imagine how it would feel to start your day with an incredible metaphysical journey before work, or relieving pain and stress that keeps you from doing the things you loved doing.  The things you want in life are already yours, but you if all you want is a picture in your head, then that is all you will get.  If you want the power, you have to prove to the cosmos that you are capable of handling the extra responsibilities that come with it. There is no quick cure for the problems that plague your life, and certainly not for being a bad person or ungrateful in what you already have currently.  I recommend doing more research, and consulting your physician prior to purchasing your NEO MEDITATION CUBE to ensure it is right for you.  Now that you have the information, it’s up to you to take the next step… That is if your Up for it.

Watch a few videos below to find out more on how to use the NEO MEDITATION CUBE.

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