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The Anunnaki and the Ark of the Covenant

The following channeling by Earlyne Chaney resonates strongly even though there are some minor differences to what we have been told by the Goddess Inanna and King Solomon about the Anunnaki and the Ark of Covenant that we will explain in future articles. Earlyne claims that she channelled Kuthumi, the Virgin Mary and Zoser an Egyptian Pharaoh.

“Ages ago, there came to this planet an influx of advanced souls from other planets and stars in distant galaxies. – possibly  Sirius. They came under command to advance the evolution of Earth-man through intermarriage with the daughters of Earth Beings. These children became the ‘men of renown’ – the giants of old, the offspring of a ‘God’ father and an Earth mother. Lets refer to those arriving from space as the Anunnaki, and their offspring the Annu.  The space travelers brought with them instruments called ‘Arks of the Covenants’. These Arks projected light beams similar to lasers, but much more advanced. With the Ark-Rays, the Anunnaki built the civilizations that flourished in South America, Mexico, Yucatan, Tibet, Egypt and various other sites. They formed the order of Melchizedek, functioning through the mystery schools of antiquity. The Annu, the children of the Anunnaki were initiated into the Greater Mysteries, while the populace, the Earth-men were taught the Lesser Mysteries.

The Anunnaki and the Annu, with their Ark-Light, built magnificent structures using the rays to hew stone. The rays nullified gravity, allowing them to be transported from great distances and levitated into place. These Arks were like miniature nuclear reactors in that the force emitting from them could “electrocute” any Being touching them, unless the physical form was insulated against its power. Much as live wires destroy life-force, so powerfully charged were the Arks, their power had to be carefully controlled.

The Anunnaki and the Annu who were called the Builders, were the High Initiates of the Mysteries,and wore about their necks a miniature Ark, called the Ankh . These could only be worn by those capable of charging their natural force with physical force, through mind power. The beams from the Ankhs, were capable of being used as a death ray in the hands of unscrupulous operators. Thus they were restricted to High Priests and Priestesses of the Holy Mysteries. These children of Light wore special clothing, like our present orgone suits, to protect them from the rays and radiations of the Ark and Ankh beams.

These Anunnaki and their off- spring the Annu, built the great civilization of Lemuria and later Atlantis. Then the Anunnaki departed, leaving the evolution of Earth in the hands of the Annu. As time went on, Atlantis began to be taken over by the Sons of Belial, the Dark Brotherhood. The Annu, realizing that the destruction of Atlantis was approaching, fled to other lands especially Egypt, where they helped to build the pyramids and monuments with their Arks of the Covenant. However they also used the Arks to bore deep into the Earth, building underground cities and tunnels. When the deluge and pole shift finally struck Atlantis and Lemuria, the Annu entered their inner Earth cities through the Great Pyramid. They sealed the pyramid, preventing the Earth-men from discovering the underground passages and keeping the waters of the flood from entering. The Egyptian Government has found many of these tunnels, and has tried to explore them for some 50 years, or more.  The civilizations of the Yucatan, Peru, Brazil, Cambodia and Tibet also went underground.

As the Ages passed, the power invested in the Mystery Schools began to be challenged by the Earthmen, who progressing in their own way demanded increased involvement in their destiny. But being unschooled in the technology of the Arks of Fire, of the power of the elements and the control thereof, failed to measure to the higher soul requirements. Ever quarreling, ever warlike, ever disputing, too busy were they to truly master the craft of the Builders. But their efforts to master the Builders rather than the craft caused planetary destruction. The planet, responding to the overpowering thought energy of darkness, as it usually does, gradually lost its magnetic force-field. The result was the sinking of Atlantis, massive destruction and chaos across the planet as Mother Earth cleansed herself of the negative forces. Man was once more left to start a new beginning, and bring with him those distant memories of a great epoch in his evolution. Those that were taken to the Inner Earth joined an advanced civilization, that will yet surface to once more greet its Brothers and Sisters.”

It should be remembered that it was the Anunnaki who came to Earth and presented themselves as Gods, who have since turned to the Light, and now work for the liberation of the Human Race.

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  1. Zulie said:

    This totally goes against what Zachiria Stechin and so many other have written by the Annunaki by esophoria doesn’t resonate with me that they want to help wow they didn’t do a good job before and look at the world now and what about CERN that was created. Sometimes these light workers get information I don’t know who to believe but I know with the neo cube I am starting to see the real matrix. I feel that the Lemurian where here and then Atlantis after the Annunaki came to invade and enslave earth I mean look at the giants and Steve Quale I dont’ think its CGI or photoshop. And this prison planet.

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